Food for bone density

Food for bone density. There are some foods that are helpful for you if you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. One of these is the common onion. Onions? Yes, onions.



Several studies since 2005 that show Onions slow the resorption of bone. (That is the break down of old bone by our Osteoclasts. One of the reasons why many people develop Osteopenia or Osteoporosis as they age is that our bone building cells (Osteoblasts) slow down after age 33 -35 but our Osteoclast cells, that remove old bone, keep working at the same level. As our bodies are remove more bone that they build, we soon develop thin or porous bones.

But now we know that Onions slow the removal of bone. Scientists have been trying to figure out just what chemical in the onions is responsible for slowing the work of your Osteclasts (bone resorption cells).

In 2005 a group of researchers in Bern found that a amma-glutamyl peptide slowed the resorption of bone and that nothing else in onions seemed to have any effect, so they concluded it is responsible. (Their research gives the chemical formula of the exact peptide but I am not sure that is what we really want to know. What counts to us is that Onions can slow bone loss.)

In that same year researches in England concluded that the silicon content in Onions might be helping in building new bone. As noted elsewhere on this web site, silicon is necessary for turning your calcium into bone.

But any case, Onions appear to be helpful for those wanting in increase their bone density.

You might want to add some raw onion to your salads and some cooked ones to hot meals. Of course there are some people who eat onion sandwiches. I am not advocating that! But do consider adding more onion to your diet. Here is a Food for bone density is both easy to use and inexpensive. Why not add it to your bone building plan?

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