Sara Meeks: Walk Tall Osteoporosis Exercise Program

Sara Meeks. Walk Tall: An Exercise Progream for the Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis. Triad Publishing. 1998.

Table of Contents:
I. Mental Imagery: "Yes, You Can Be Taller!"
II. Site-Specific Exercises
III. Balance
IV. Walking
V. Scapular Stabilization
VI Activities of Daily Living
VII what's Next?

What does Walk Tall offer me?

1. You will find that the exercises in this book are site - specific. Special emphasis is given to stretching certain muscles so as to restore normal body alignment and to strengthen the deep layer of muscles in the back that hold your body upright against the pulls of gravity.

2. You will be following the directions of a liscensed physical therapist. These exercises are safe for nearly everyone - the author does not use the exercises that research has shown should not be used by those with fragile bones.

3. You will start at a low level and slowly work your way up to optimal strengthening for your body.

Meeks says that you can not only have improved posture and relief from back pain but you will will prevent some of the devastating effects of Osteoporosis.

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