Severe osteopenia

Severe osteopenia If osteopenia is measured by a dexa scan, the resultant score would fall in a rangeof -1 to -2.5. This is the dexa result that indicate Osteopenia (thin bones). If osteopenia is 'severe' it would mean that your dexa score would be -2.5 ...or very close to it. If you score is less that -2.5, you do not have severe osteopenia. You have Osteoporosis.

Dexa scan scores less than -2.5 indicate that your bones are porous and you have Osteoporosis. For example a score of - 2.7, -3.0 etc. And -3.0 shows greater Osteoporosis than does - 2.7.

if your bone loss is close to the Osteoporosis level, you have more work to do to get back to 'normal bone density' than some one whose bone is more dense.

But even with Severe osteopenia there are many things that you can do to rebuild your bones. This web siteoffers you so much information AND the information on this site is backed by scientific research. It is not a siteput together by someone trying to sell you something and so it covers a multitude of topics - including pharmaceutical drugs, supplements and various natural treatments from around the world.

If you are newly diagnosed OR if your efforts for building bone have not been very successful and you are still losing bone density, I suggest that you study a number of the short articles on this site. Read a few articles each day.Take notes. ( Bookmark the site so you can come back to it.) It is really worth educating yourself about ways to increasebone density because there are many every day things that can help you.

( I get emails from readers who say that they have reversed their Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. You can read a few of them on the Osteopenia, Osteoporosis Success Stories page.) BUT for your own situation you want to figure out WHY you have Severe osteopenia. Not everyone has the same causes. So it makes sense to do a personal assessment and make a list of ALL the possible causes of your bone loss. Click here to find the many Causes of Osteopenia

Treatments for Osteopenia

As for treatments there are both pharmaceutical and natural things you can do. If you know the likely causes of your own bone loss, this information can be very helpful in deciding what changes in lifestyle would be most effective for you.

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