Yoga Osteopenia Osteoporosis???

Yoga Osteopenia Osteoporosis. Is Yoga good for Osteoporosis or Osteopenia? Web sites seem to give contradictory information. what is the truth?

Since so many readers of this site have asked about Yoga, I have spent a few months researching scientific articles so I could offer you solid advice about practicing yoga for Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

If you are going to read this page, please read the whole page. It is not helpful to your health to make decisions to adopt or not adopt yoga on partial information. You need to know both the positive and the negative aspects of Yoga for Osteoporosis and Osteopenia before making your decision. First, the positive effects of Yoga on health - especially bone health and fracture prevention.

1. "Yoga is an ancient practice that provides integral and wholistic health benefits to its practitioners." This means it can have positive effects on many aspects of your overall health:

  • It reduces tension.
  • It stretches and strengthens your body.
  • Yoga teachers speak of its positive effects on body chemistry. It balances and rejuvenates circulation, the endrocrine system etc.
  • Since many of yoga's postures are 'weight bearing' theystimulate your bone building osteoblasts to build new bone.

2. Yoga promotes healthful breathing and this reducestension and clears the body of harmful toxins.

3. Practice promotes balance and coordination. These two traits help prevent falls and the fractures that occur as a resultof falling for persons with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia.

4. Since yoga is a mind-body practice, its practitionersdevelop an alertness and calmness that carries over intotheir every day activities. They become more effective at workand their interpersonal relationships can be more harmonious.

5. Yoga is a "step by step" practice. There are levels of practice. A student is guided to advance at his or her own pace....and thus avoid injury.

6. Yoga can be a life long practice. Age does not exclude practice. Postures can be modified or others can be substituted as the physical body changes. Thus, yoga is a practice that extend over your entire life span.

BUT There are some cautions about Yoga Ostopenia Ostoporosis.

1. Persons with Osteoporosis can experience spontaneous spinal fractures when bending forward or twisted.

These fracture often occurs without warning as the body moves back to its original position. There are a number of Yoga positions that could cause such spontaneous fractures in someone with low bone density. Anyone using Yoga Osteopenia Osteoporosisneeds guidance from a health care practitioner as to what postures should be 'off limits' until their bone density increases to the normal range.

2. Recent studies show that persons with Osteopenia are at no less risk for fracture than those with Osteoporosis. So, there needs to be caution by those with 'bone thinning' as well as those who have 'porous bones' in any use of Yoga Osteopenia Osteoporosis.

3. Some Yoga weight bearing positions can put too much stress on the bones for those with compromised bone density. Hairline fractures of bones or crush fractures of vertebrae can occur.

3. Persons with a diagnosis of Osteopenia or Osteoporosis..or some one whose bone density has not been screened but who has suffered an adult fracture from any cause should do two things before beginning yoga as a practice:

  1. Consult your health care provider about engaging in Yoga before beginning any practice.
  2. Only learning from an experienced, and preferably certified, teacher and be sure to explain to your teacher that your bone density is compromised to the extent of having Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.
  3. c, Be sure to Advance slowly - "listen to your body". Be satisfied with your practice and do not feel that you must attain weight bearing postures before your bones can sustain them. YOu do not want to turn your practice of Yoga Osteopenia Osteoporosis into a health disaster!

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