Advacal can reverse bone loss

Advacal can reverse bone loss. Yes, it can! I have been reading scientific studies about calcium supplements for about 18 years. I have read studies of: calcium carbonate, calcium lactate, coral calcium, AAA Ca ( Advacal ) etc.

 I share what I've learned from these studies because I think that if you have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis you want to be sure that the calcium supplement you take will be of real benefit. If your bones are thin or fragile, you can not afford to waste time or money on calcium supplements that do not do the job because they  are poorly absorbed.

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Frequently asked Questions about Advacal:

  1. So what is Advacal?  A study published in Clinical Calcium Jan. 2005. answers that the supplement, Active Absorbable Algal Calcium (AAA Ca),  is made by submaximally (800 degrees ) heating cleaned oyster shell under reduced pressure and mixing it with similarly heated seaweed (Cystophyllum fusiforme).    This process is what makes this bone building supplement unique.                                      
  2. What is the significance of  'absorbability"? One of the big problems with calcium supplements is that because calcium is a mineral, it is difficult for our bodies to absorb.  Much of the calcium taken in supplements simply goes through the digestive track and winds up in the toilet. Some other supplements are absorbed BUT they never make it to bone formation. Instead calcium deposits are made in joints and eventually contribute to the aches and pains of our older years.                                                                                                                      What is necessary to repair  thin, porous bone, is for calcium is absorbed and utilized in bone formation. THAT is what Fujita's specially treated oyster shell/seaweed seems to do. If you want to read summaries of a few of the many studies authored by Dr. Fujita and published in scientific journals, click on Advacal Studies.                                                                                                             
  3. Why are studies from Japan so important? One of the differences between the situation in Japan and the United States and Europe is that most Japanese do not develop Osteoporosis until they are advanced in age.                              
           In the United States and Europe osteoporosis is synonymous with post menopausal osteoporosis. But in Japan there is almost no need for treatment  in the immediate post menopausal period. In Japan bone loss typically does not show until at least age 65 - so these studies done in Japan are talking about effectiveness in elders!                                                                                             It used to be thought that the older you are, the more difficult it is to increase bone density. But Fujita's studies have challenged that assumption.    Here is a study done on hospitalized 80 year olds (Since they are hospitalized they are certainly not doing 'bone density exercises"!) It was authored by Dr. Fujita's team and published in Calcif Tissue Int. 1996 Apr;58(4):226-30  "A randomized, prospective, double-blind test was carried out to compare the effects of heated oyster shell-seaweed calcium (AAA Ca), calcium carbonate, and placebo in 58 elderly, hospitalized women with the mean age of 80 ."  And the results showed that Advacal was more effective than any of the other forms of calcium tested.  
  4. What about the Oyster shell source? I thought that oysters were contaminated? I was worried about this so  I contacted the manufacturer of Advacal. They reported back that they had the supplement tested and the results showed that any contaminants were "well below the level that the scientific community has set for 'discernible contaminates." As a result, I felt free to purchase this supplement   If you want to buy this supplement, it costs $1 less on Amazon than on the site of the company that makes it!                                     All forms of this supplement are available at Amazon, just scroll down this link to Amazon Advacal.                                    

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