Alkaline Osteopenic Phosphatase

Alkaline Osteopenic Phosphatase provides a test for bone loss. Alkaline phosphatase is a specific protein in the blood. This protein can be measured during a blood test. Very high levels of the protein tend to indicate that the person has bone loss, that is they have Osteopenia or Osteoporosis.

Where might you hear of this term? There are two main places where this term is used:

The term is used in the medical status of premature infants. If you give birth to a baby prematurely, your baby’s physician may refer to levels of this protein showing in your baby’s blood tests.

If your baby's level is high, your physician may want to do an X-ray or an ultra sound to determine the density of your baby’s bones since many premature babies come into the world with low bone density and if that is true for your infant, your physician will want to take steps to improve the strength of you baby's bones.

A second place you may hear this term is in Research about Bone Loss.  It can be used to determine if someone has  Osteopenia or  Osteoporosis. Because this test can be done by simply drawing blood, it is often used by medical researchers.

Levels of this protein are often measured in research studies about bone loss and its potential treatments. Declining levels of this protein are usually seen as a positive sign during treatment for Osteopenia or Osteoporosis while rising levels are viewed as a sign for increasing bone loss.

If you wish to read abstracts of some studies that include measurement of this protein type there are some listed in Pub Med a web site of the United States National Library of Medicine. This site offers abstracts, and sometimes the full text of papers and published research on various health topics - including Ostepenia and Oseoporosis.

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