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Osteopenia October 2013
October 25, 2013

Welcome to all the new readers and a special welcome back to long time subscribers.

. First, an update. I was touched and gratified by how many of you made donations to support this web site. I tried to express my thanks to each person individually. If I missed you, please know of my gratitude....and yes, I am renewing the web site for another year. Yes! .

Some readers also suggested companies to add to the products page, I am pursuing this. For now I have changed that page to STORE/SHOPPING and put it at the very bottom of the blue navigation bar - that should make it easier to find. Oh, and if you use EXPEDIA for travel or NORTON INTERNET SECURITY, know that there are now buttons for those companies too. And for USA readers who see ads for Hales Honeybelles in their newspapers come December. You can buy them fro the SHOPPING page and get a 10% discount.

Anyone shopping using a link from this web site, means a small percentage comes to the site. (It ads up.)

An easy,new bone builder

There is easy to do movement from Quigong often prescribed for increasing bone density. Let's see if I can describe it for you. .


FIRST, Stand at ease with your feet hip wide apart. Have the heel of your right food aligned with the middle of your left instep. Place your right hand on he kidney area of your back.


Now inhale, keep your weight on your right leg as you lift up onto the toes of your left foot. Then swing your left arm upward, over your head as you raise up on those toes. .

Exhale and drop your left foot to the ground with a thud, let your arm fall back down to your side. (Do the foot and arm movements simultaneously.) Repeat this movement 36 times (in the beginning if you tire, do it fewer times.) After you have done it 36 times, switch sides and do it another 36 times. .

NOTE: Now If you have Osteoporosis or are a bit weakened, the directions state that you should do it only 19 times. Simple...still I found myself breathing a bit harder when I tried it. But it is one of those things I can do in the living room (even if the dog is not sure if this is to be a new game...or if her owner is just 'having one of those days'.) .

As I think about it, the THUD is clearly 'weight bearing' and in TCM kidney is seen as governor of bone building so this simple movement/exercise seems to embody the whole bone building TCM approach. .

NOTE: As always I am curious. If you decide to do this - and do it each day for at least a month, feel free to let me know how it went. I plan to try it -

Tualang Hony again

I can not recall a topic that has generated more mail comments or inquiries. So let me do an update. A few readers wrote to say that Tualang honey is more often called by its technical name, Koompasia excelsa or Semerak honey or rain forst honey. That could be useful if you are trying to buy it. .

Second, yes the honey can be expensive - in part because of the shipping but as several persons who are familiar with this honey have said, it is quite rare (scarce) and that is why it costs so much. For myself when I looked at prices I thought of them as the price for an Osteopenia supplement...rather than an ordinary food. And that kept it in perspective. Also I found a store selling it on Etsy - being listed there offered a bit of confidence (sort of like selling off Amazon????). And I am considering buying the larger amount and dividing it with friends or repackaging some for gifts.


For cost comparison I recalled that when I was first prescribed a pharmaceutical for my bone loss, it was quite expensive.... as have been some of the supplements I have used. That does not say that you will want to try this honey for your bones...but then there are dozens of things on the web site that have been shown to be useful for bone building that you probably do not use. Maybe Tualang honey will be another.

Again thanks

Again, thanks to each of you who are supporting the continuation of this web site. I, for my part, promise to keep looking....reading material from every medical tradition, checking to see what has scientific studies and what does not...and passing the info along to you on the web site and some of it in these newsletters. (If you want notice of new pages or updating of pages on the web site, just subscribe to the RSS feed -link on the main page.)


Finally, the NYTimes had an articles saying that studies have shown that supplementing with Vitamin D3 seemed to show no health benefits. What the article did NOT SAY is that getting a blood test for your Vitamin D3 level is inexpensive (I get one with my annual doctor's visit) If your Vitamin D3 is in normal levels, do not do anything differently. (I aim for about the middle of the NORMAL range - shown in lab report). Too high and you risk cardiac issues...low and you risk poor bone density and possibility cancer. (When I was diagnosed with cancer a few years back, one of the first pieces of advice was to check my Vitamin D since it can be crucial for outcome.)


OK that's it for this month. As always nothing in these newsletters should be considered 'medical advice'. I am NOT a licensed medical practitioner - just a retired college prof who reads research like some people read romance novels [grin] and am dedicated to sharing what I learn with you. .

Be happy and good FOOT THUDDING to you!


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