This April newsletter is a bit shorter than usual.

1. The web site now has a new CAUSES page. Use the SEARCH box for HCL to find it.

2. Also there was a recent study about Nitroglycerine and Osteoporosis. After doing some research I found that this is not the first study so I put up a page summarizing (giving ABSTRACTS) of several of these studies. It seems to me that the issue is a bit 'iffy' and if you are interested I suggest that you read the page by using the search box for: Nitroglycerin

(Note: SEARCH BOX is now towards the bottom of the left hand NAVIGATION COLUMN - Putting it there makes Google happier. Ah, search engines.)

3. Now, I am announcing that there will be NO newsletter in May or June.

If you have been subscribed to this newsletter for a few years, you know that I have had some serious medical issues. Well, I now have another. I hope to have surgery in the next two weeks - though there is now some questions of my suitability because of new cardiac issues.

I am taking some time off because feel I need to relax and to see if I can regain my health. I appreciate any prayers or good thoughts sent my way. (Scientific research indicates these can an influence outcomes.)

MEANTIME - for Osteopenia and Osteoprosis. Do consider rereading pages on the web site. I find that even I who wrote the pages forget some of the information over time. You may get some ideas.

If you are interested in other things. I have two other web sites: - Yes, women philosophers! Many people do not know that the first philosophers were women (One from the area of Iraq/Syria) or that Socrates said he learned philosophy from two women ....and so on.

The other site is - practical info for those over 49. But the main point is that our lifespan should not be "childhood, adulthood and then aging [the long decline]" but instead we can use the idea found in those societies where people live the longest. Here the human lifespan is "childhood, adulthood and elderhood". If you visit the site do read the pages about Elderhood. They can change our whole approach to our later years.

That is it for today.

Thank you for your understanding. I am tired now but I hope to be back in a few months.


PS For readers outside the USA. As you know some countries do not allow certain supplements or pharmaceutical drugs to be sold inside their borders. Eg. Anyone from the USA wanting strontium ranelate needs to go to a European country, get a prescription, have it filled and then find a friend who will get refills to ship to the USA.

There is a supplement I would like to take. It is manufactured in the USA but can not be shipped to the USA. If you live outside the USA and would be willing to receive an order I have paid for and then reship it to me, I would be glad to hear from you. Please put RESHIP as the subject heading of your email.