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Osteopenia Osteoporosis News - August issue
August 05, 2013

August - I can hardly believe it! The weeks seem to go by so quickly. .

What I have been doing this month: Reviewing and updating pages on the web site so they reflect the latest studies. This is slow work but I think it is important. Things can happen rather quickly and new studies sometimes contradict old ones so I want to keep the site up to day. .

If you subscribe to the site RSS feed you automaticly get notices of all new pages and all pages I update. so if you want to keep up with any changes, I suggest you subscribe to that RSS feed. (The button for doing this is on the front page at )


I know that many of you have used some of the items/procedures listed on the web site. I have been thinking that it would be a good idea to allow you to post your experience (positive or negative) with a given item. So I have added a TESTIMONIALS section for specific topics.

In the last month I have added a TESTIMONIALS FORM to the pages about Accupuncture, Advacal, Advacal for men, AlgaeCal and Amala. (As you can see I started with the A's ) I shall add more forms next month. If there is a topic on the site that you REALLY REALLY want to add a testimonial to, let me know (hit reply and I shall get your email). I will try to move those topics to the head of the list of items to be recoded so testimonials can be given. .

Now a couple cautions about the testimonials: I will not post anonymous testimonials. If you write something, you much be willing to SIGN your name. (Your email address will NOT be published but the form asks for it so you can be notified when your testimonial is posted ---- or if there is a reason I will not post it (offensive language, slamming another product etc.) I can let you know.

Also, it takes a good deal of time to process testimonials - I need to read each, check code so it will look OK on the site, upload it, preview and then give final approval. So, please have patience. I plan to work on testimonials 1 or 2 days a week - so I still have time to research and write up new material. .

I am excited about this new capability. Many of you have solid experiences - both positive and negative experiences with specific remedies and treatments. Here is an opportunity to share those with other readers. I can not afford to add a discussion board (both the cost and the amount of time it would take to monitor it so some commercial enterprise would not take over the conversation). Testimonials are one way to enable others to profit from your experience. .

That is it for this month. Short letter. I know. But then it is August. I hope to be back in full form next month.

Thanks for reading.


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