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Osteopenia3 - new studies, new supplements for bone loss
February 05, 2013

Good day to you! May February be a really good month for you. And I have lots of news this month. SPECIAL NOTE: If you get 2 copies of this month's newsletter, please excuse ....a problem with my accessing the system.

First, I want to thank all who sent messages last month. I usually try to reply to each email but there were so many I could not keep up. Please accept my thanks for your thoughts.

This month you will find 4 topics: Some new pharmaceutical drugs, a new bone supplement for men, and a story about increased spinal bone density and a short pieces about marketing supplements.

Two new pharmaceutical drugs:

1. Merck has a new drug coming to market called Odanacatib. This drug may overcome some of the negative effects of the bisphosphonates. Like the bisphonates, Odanacatib does slow your osteoclasts BUT it also stimulates your osteoblasts to build new bone. I do not know what countries have approved this drug. (Each country has its own approval mechanisms.) If you want to read about Odanacatib, copy and past this url into your browser ( I think Google has not indexed the page yet and so it may not be available through the SEARCH box on the web site.) .


2. Japan has approved a new drug, Eldercalcitol. It is a special form of Vitamin D. Test results were really promising. Again I do not know what other countries have approved the drug yet. To read about it, copy and paste this url into your browser. . .

Note: The pages about each of these drugs include urls for some of the scientific studies done on each drug. Sometimes drugs are marketed with different names in different countries AND I do not know which countries have approved these drugs yet, so it could be helpful if your health care provider had the references if you plan to ask about either drug.

Japanese: bone density and new supplement for men.

Over the years I have become so impressed by Japanese bone health. First, we know from the studies done by Dr. Fujita on the special form of calcium that has been shown reverse bone loss, that he had to go to nursing homes to find potential subjects for his studies. Why? Because in Japan women and men did not begin to lose bone density until much later in life than in most other countries. (I do not know if this is still the case. Many of the young have adopted more Western ways of eating and living so it could be that their special protection will not last.) But Advacal, the brand name for Dr. Fujita's AAACa remains one supplement with multiple studies published in scientific journals that show it actually increases bone density, even among the very old.

Last month I received notice that Lane Labs, the manufacturer of this Advacal, now has a SPECIAL formula for men If you want to read about it, copy and paste this link into your browse

A peronal story about reversing bone loss.

I have never talked about how I reversed my own bone loss in part because I am convinced that we each have to figure out our own causes and address them. Well, today I am going to violate that rule and share something that has happened in the last 9 months - in part because I think this could be of real use to others. .

Last spring I was having some medical tests done and the resulting radiologist report noted that I had 'diffuse bone loss'. I was not surprised since I had spent a lot of time in hospital beds and then recuperating at home these last few years. But I was concerned - especially since some medications I was taking meant I could not use some of the things that had worked for me in the past. So I thought about what I could do since I did not want to take ANOTHER pharmaceutical drug.

I had a Hypervest Pro - that is the vest that has weights of only 2 oz . I took ALL the weights out and then put 4 back in...set them evenly across my back. I then wore the vest for 1 hour a day for a week. The next week I wore it for 2 hours a day.... and so on until I was wearing it for about 7 hours day. Next I added 2 more weights - keeping the weights balanced front/back and side to side. I went back to wearing it for 1 hour day, 2 hours etc. I kept this up - adding 2 weights and adding time each week. (My reason for this was that I knew that our osteoblasts respond to INCREASED stress on bones.) .

Then in December I had a dexa scan. The next week my physician phoned me - excited and Congratulatory. My spinal dexa was a +2.5!!! .

Like my physician, was excited too. Since my hips were less than 1.0, I concluded that the vest must helped my spine. I was so excited about the results, that I actually called the company. (From 'diffuse bone loss' to +2.5!!) NOTE: The Hypervest Pro company does not make anything for hips. (I suggested that they consider it.) Meantime I am trying to work something on my own with a local seamstress. .

I share my experience because in the last few months I have heard from a number of you who have said that the bone density in your spine keeps getting worse. Hypervest Pro is not cheap. But I have often spent as much on supplements in just 1 or 2 years. And I can reuse this vest for years if I stop using it long enough for my body to get used to NO weight.


NOTE: The company sells a number of weight vests - the 'pro' style is the one with the very small weights. The other vests have much heavier weights and would be of use for much less time (and if your balance is NOT like that of a 35 year old, heavy weights could cause you to fall if you tripped or turned an ankle.)

If you want to check Hypervest Pro out, there is a page at .

And full disclosure. I am an affiliate with this company but that is NOT the reason I share this story. I just think it could be useful to some of you.

Marketing Fun

4. Marketing fun. I know you are savvy consumers and so I thought you might enjoy this marketing tip. (Yes, I am a scholar by trade but I did work in marketing for awhile.)


The aim of marketing it so capture attention of consumers. What better way than offering Money Back guarantees? But the key is to structure the offer in a way that will discourage consumers from using it. With bone loss merchandise this is a snap. Offer 'money back' if you do not improve your bone density in X months (less than a year).


Why a snap? To claim THE offer, consumers would need to prove a lack of improvement. That would mean having a new dexa scan soon after their last. NO insurance company would pay for that. What consumer would pay a few hundred dollars for a NEW dexa scan - just to get a few months money for supplements back? .

Brilliant marketing idea! I sometimes chuckle at such ads. But then it bothers me that maybe consumers are taken in by such ads. Please, you may choose to buy a product and it may be well worth purchasing but do not do so because of impossible money back offers....unless you know you will pay for that 2nd dexa scan in a few months months.

Be well. Be happy. See you next month.


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