I am a bit late with the newsletter...but have had contractors working here for days so....

There are many things to report: A correction, some good legal news, new info for vibration machines, acupuncture option for those who do not have access to an acupuncturist, and one of the most frequent overlooked bone robbing activities.


Last month I wrote of Barley tablets and I should have said Barley GRASS tablets. As two of you kindly noted in emails Barley is NOT gluten free (barley grass is). Also barley tends to be acidic, not alkaline But Barley Grass is very alkaline.

One good thing came out of my error. I called the company - just to make sure I had it right this time - and I learned that they use neither chemicals nor heat in preparing their barley grass.

Thanks to those who wrote. Again, it is barley grass. (If you want the rest of the info, please go to 'old newsletter' link and check out last month's news. Thanks)

Good news.....and new info about vibration therapy

VERY GOOD NEWS - The Research Act Bill in the US Congress that I was so concerned about seems to have lost momentum among legislators. Thanks to all who wrote to their Senators or Representatives. Looks like we will stay in business...

VIBRATION THERAPY. The very first research showing some bone improvement in post menopausal women (not just mice) has been published. (This info is now on the vibration page - under NATURAL TREATMENTS. Thanks to the two of you who reminded me to update that page.)

I also updated the list of those who should NOT use these machines and who should only do so under doctors guidance. You will find this info under VIBRATION DANGERS at the end of the page giving the research about vibration machines.

Please, If you are considering buying one of the machines (or have already done so) do read about the conditions that need special caution and/or oversight. (Death should not be an option when trying to improve your health.) Finally, much of the latest advice about vibration therapy cautions that machines should only be used for short durations and not months on end as with some other exercise forms.

Again, I try to report any cautions I find in the research about any potential treatment for bone loss. What you do with any information on the Osteopenia3 site is your decision.

Chinese medicine again

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been shown to be effective in the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis. Practitioners of TCM attribute osteoporosis to a decline in Kidney Qi. (Qi is energy) According to traditional Chinese medicine 'Kidney rules the bones' and when there is something wrong with Kidney Qi, the bones weaken.

In TCM, you have to treat the Kidney Qi to treat Osteoporosis. The following herbs are used: drynaria root, Chinese angelica, ginseng, astragalus, rehmannia root, poria fungus, and several other herbs.

BUT Acupuncture treatment also helps. Consult your local acupuncturist. But if you have no acupuncture practitioners where you live and want to opt for self-treatment you can try acupressure. Apply a steady, penetrating finger (thumb) pressure for 3 minutes to the following pressure points.

Point: Kidney 3, located in the hollow between your Achilles tendon and the inside of your ankle bone.

Point Spleen 6, located four finger-widths above your inner anklebone on the back inner border of your shinbone.

If your energy is 'stuck' or stagnant, pressing on these points may hurt. As chi begins to flow more freely, the pain will dissipate. Do not overdo it. Go slow. Use acupuncture each day. I often do it in the evening while 'winding down' (but I also see an excellent acupuncturist on a regular basis) Others do it two or three times a day. BONE ROBBING ACTIVITY....allowing yourself to stress about anything. Stress, as researchers now realize, changes our metabolism. If you have a stressful job (or stress from NO JOB) or have stressful encounters with people or if old memories rev up your stress, do take steps to reduce your stress.

One effective way to do this is to concentration on your breath - feel your breath as it enters your nose and goes up and down your nasal passages.

Another technique is breath counting - Inhale 1, 2, 3, 4. 5. 6..then hold 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and then exhale 1-6, hold 1-6 Do this again and again and again. (Some people need to start with 1 - 4 since 1 - 6 is too much)

Another approach to stress reduction is to see in your mind's eye a pleasant scene or someone you like or review a pleasant experience.

Another way is to become aware of your feet (Some people are so uptight they never feel their feet at all!) Just keep being aware and you will find awareness coming after a few days or weeks. Then move from feet to ankles. You can return awareness to your body as a whole and chronic stress levels will reduce over time. The key to all these things is daily practice.

Of course these are only suggestions. Use whatever works. Oh, and if you commute try to avoid 'talk radio' - it is likely to rev you up and make your body more stressed.

Reducing your stress by whatever means is one of the best things you can do for your health. Yes, research now shows this is true. Maybe next month I will talk more about it and suggest a new book that uses a mechanism for reducing stress that has resulted in all sorts of health (and relationship) cures.

In conclusion

Meantime. Do breathe deeply and think about all the GOOD things in your life...all the NICE people you have ever met...all the GOOD TIMES you have had. Really. You will feel so much better AND you will realize that when hard times come - and they do come - that they do not last forever. Heraclitus, a philosopher, said it a long time ago...everything changes.

Teach yourself to go with the flow - your bones, your heart, your brain will be healthier......and most of the people around you will begin to relax a bit too. Joy and ease are more contagious than the flu. (Yes!)

Kate PS I know that depending on your email program, this newsletter does or not does not show all the double spaces I include in these newsletters. I have tried to improve the 'look' by including headlines. I wish I could make it look great for all of you but that is not technically possible yet. Sigh. Know that I am aware of the problem.