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If this issues seems a bit terse, it is because this is the THIRD time I have tried to send it! More about that at the end.....

Possible new medication

Medivir AB is in trials with a potential new drug MIV-711. It is NOT a bisphosphonate. If you want to read more about it you will find it under MEDICATIONS on the Osteopenia3.com web site or you can cut and paste this url into your browser. .


Diagnosis as good news

Most of us react with some dismay when we are diagnosed with bone loss. But in some sense, it is really good news since for most of us this diagnosis is a sign that there is something lacking in the way we are living out our daily lives. .

As you know human bodies were formed in hunter gatherer societies where walking 15 miles a day foraging for food and carrying bundles of firewood etc. was the norm. Our societies have evolved to no or little manual labor...but our bodies still need their manual labor and alkaline diet. Also modern life provides so many stressors [sounds, lights, sudden movements] that our forebears never had. .

What to do? You can spend money and join a gym....or you can find ways to return manual work to your day - use mechanical hedge sheers, carry suitcases and bundles [do not use wheels]. sweep floors, wash windows by hand. And one of the side effects will be less stress since manual work uses up emotionally charged energies. I know I have said this before BUT reversing bone loss is not just about taking a pill.... and it does not have to be costly. We can live more in accord with our human nature and those hunter gatherers.

Stress and your bones

As you know stress changes your body chemistry and it is one of the major causes of bone loss. Some of us are so used to being stressed,we do not even recognize it anymore. .

I have written of this before...every sound, flashing light, movement is a stress (for hunter gatherers these were the warnings of approaching predators and our bodies still react as theirs did...only we do not take off running and so we do not use up the stress chemicals pouring into our system. .

Solutions? One solution is building many mini-meditations into our day. One of the easiest is 'mantra meditation' - orally or mentally repeating a phrase over and over again. Some people make it a short prayer. For others doing the vowels works well. .

If you can switch the order of your vowels so you go from the eee sound to the deepest uuuhhh sound. (I am not listing the vowels in 'proper order' because different languages pronounce them differently and so the order in English is not the same as in French or Russian. (I would say eeee, ay, ah, oh, ou ) Just shut your eyes, repeat the vowel sounds and think only of them. .

Timing...start with a few minutes. Never do more than 10 or 11 minutes unless you have someone to guide you (You do not want to wind up slipping into the depth of your unconscious etc. and maybe having trouble coming back to ordinary life.) But a few minutes of mantra meditation is super relaxing for the whole nervous system.

Reason for late newsletter

When I tired to send this newsletter out early Tuesday (EST) the system refused to send it. I figured there was a mistake - after all I can send out 5,000 copies each month! Well when I investigated I discovered that this newsletter now has over 13,000 subscribers! .

What to do? Well I used my credit card and bought the ability to send out this issue and a few more this year. But what to do? You know I do not want to charge for knowledge - it is just my firm belief that everyone, no matter their income should have access to the best I can find. .

Still I could use your support. Some of you have made a donation via credit card on pay pal in the past. If you can afford it and have not done so in the past, know that I would be grateful. There is a DONATE button on the Osteopenia3.com web site. But donations are not the only way to support the site. If you shop on line, do check out the PRODUCTS page...if you buy things using those links I get a small %of each sale. Example: Amazon gives 1% no matter what you buy..a book or an air conditioner.


Meantime be well. Be happy and take time to dance in the kitchen or walk down the last flight of stairs at work AND meditate a few minutes 3 times a day. You will feel better....and your bones will be glad. . Kate