A new year for bone building

Welcome to ALL readers, both new and old subscribers. My hope for each of you is that 2012 will go down as the year you gain so much new bone that your test results will be better than ever.

I THANK all those who sent kind words after last month's issue and to all who offered to help proof read. (I need to make a list so it is not a burden on any one person. Thank you in advance.)

This month we have:

1. A new study about exercise that might be of interest

2. Tip for your daily diet/nutrition

3. A new google issue

Treadmill research

1. Scientific study. Different animals are used in different sorts of studies. Ferrets, for example, get the FLU much as human beings do. Pigs have circulatory systems akin to humans and ovarietized rats have bone metabolism like that of post menopausal women. That is why ovary deprived rats are so often use in studies concerning bone loss or increasing bone density.

Knowing that many of you use treadmills either at home or at a gym I began reading recent research about treadmills and bone density. We have been told that walking and/or jogging or running improves bone density. There are studies that show this. BUT I was surprised to find 2 different studies showing that ovarietized rats who were run on treadmills LOST bone rather than gaining it.

So why would this happen? One group of researchers thought that a lack of zinc, a mineral often found lacking in athletes, was the cause. The other group offered no hypotheses.

In another study of postmenopausal women researchers found that when offered supplements with fish oil they seemed to prevent any extra bone loss in treadmill exercising. So maybe advice about exercise needs to be a bit more nuanced? (If you use a treadmill want to read the whole page about these studies , you will find a link on the INDEX page https://www.osteopenia3.com/Osteopenia-Index.html . Look under E (for exercise). The page is titled: *** Osteopenia and treadmill exercise *** OR you can use the www.Osteopenia3 SEARCH function and search for Treadmill. (Remember links to my web site all begin www.osteopenia3 The rest are ads that Google inserts.


Having mentioned Google, let me skip to item 3 for a moment. (I will come back to #2). Google is lowering the site's ranking in search engine returns because there are not enough pages that link to it.

I know that many sites 'exchange links' in order to get better Google ranking and I get lots of requests to 'exchange links' BUT I do not want to add links indiscriminately. I feel committed to linking only to sites with quality, science based information. Still to lose Google ranking means that people might not find the site at all. How often will someone go to page 3 or 4 on search returns?

So I make an appeal. If you have a blog or are on a discussion board or facebook or myspace or .....would you add a line or two about this site and put a link to www.osteopenia3.com ? Such links would make Google "happier"....and it might help others find the osteopenia3 information (which I think is good). Thanks in advance if you can do this.

Oh, yes there are now more than 270 pages on the site! (Bigger than some books - and more jam packed with information because I do not include the kind of anecdotes found in most print publications. Everything science based - no 'one shoe fits all' approach. It would take days for your health care provider to tell you all that is here.

And yes, I am still adding pages and topics - 3 more last week alone.

Nutrition tip

Now back to Item #2 Tips for your daily diet/nutrition. We have spoken before about eating an alkaline diet so your body does not have to leach calcium from bones or teeth to rebalance too much acidity.

If your water is highly acidic or you eating preferences are deeply entrench in acidity, you might find it worth while to take barley tablets (Barley is one of the most alkaline of foods). There is a woman in Pennsylvania (USA) who sells high quality barley tables at a decent price. (Note: I have no financial arrangement for recommending her product.) I have used her product and found it to be high in quality, no preservatives, sugar or gluten. Just barley.

The company is Green Supreme and the phone is 800-358-0777. I THINK they have a web site but I usually call. I think they ship world wide but if you are outside the US, you might find a good local company for barley tablets. Be sure t check the purity - no fillers, sugar etc.

'Til next month. I thank you for reading. You are special to me and I think of you, the readers, often. AND I hope that each of you will soon join those who email that they are leaving the web site or newsletter because THEIR BONES now have NORMAL density - no more Oteopenia or Osteoporosis.