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June update comes early this year
May 25, 2013

Hello and good June to you!

As of the end of May there are 234 pages on the web site!!!

That is more than are in many books on the subject AND each of the pages are 'tightly written', no long illustrative stories as usually found in books. .

Now I am trying to ensure that all those pages show up on the Index page but not all are there yet. (I often get so involved in the research/writing that I sometimes forget to add a new page to that list.) So if you are looking for something in particular always feel free to use the SEARCH function. (And remember the pages at the very top are GOOGLE ads. Our pages all begin

But this month is not all about web site bragging. Instead I want to alert you to some cautions - cautions regarding non-pharmaceutical treatments. Please read them all. Think about them. Speak with your health care professional if you think they may apply to you.


1. Olive leaf - is an anti-viral. Many people use it during flu season. A few years ago I read a study where it effectively reduced the viral count in some men infected with HIV virus. AND we now know that it stimulates bone growth. But many people do not realize that olive leaf can also reduce blood pressure. This is important. If you are taking olive leaf, check your blood pressure - especially if you are on medication for high blood pressure. You may find that your dosage needs to be reduced. .

2. Natural strontium. I have spent hours trying to find out if the latest cautions concerning the pharmaceutical form of strontium (strontium ranelate) are also applicable to the natural forms.

Pharmaceutical form: Doctors are now cautioned NOT TO PRESCRIBE strontium ranelate to those with Osteoporosis - except in extreme conditions. Why? They now realize that the drug is associated with the development of cardiac issues. This side effect was not reported in any of the early studies of the drug. (I have added a link to this new caution on the strontium ranelate page.) .

But you may be wondering if the caution also applies to the natural forms of strontium. I do not know. I can find no reports or research studies....but then research studies are usually performed on pharmaceutical forms only.) I have contacted some of the companies that recommend and sell natural strontium to increase bone density. I was assured that natural strontium is safe BUT I had a sense that the person who spoke with me had not read the new studies about the association of the pharmaceutical form and heart disease. .

I am currently in the process of contacting several of the physicians who have recommended natural strontium for stronger bones in their health newsletters. As soon as I hear anything, I will let you know. Meantime I wanted to be sure you are aware of this development. .

(Aside: I wonder, if like calcium, strontium could adhere to arteries and if that is the case if vitamin K would make a difference. I DO NOT KNOW if this is the case. And I can give no advice on this issue. I do not have answers. BUT I do want to make you aware that there is an issue with the pharmaceutical form of strontium.) If any of you come across scientific studies or advice from medical community eg. Townsend letter for doctors about natural strontium I would be glad if you let me know.. case I have not seen it. .

3. Vibration machines to increase bone density. Suddenly I am getting mail from readers about using vibration machines to increase bone density. (There must be new round of ads or web sites about these.) Please, please before you buy a vibration machine, do read the pages on the web site about them. And be sure to read the page about their potential dangers and the list of medical conditions that could be adversely affected by their use. The same can be said of trampolines! (There are pages about these....and 'rebounders' are another name for trampolines.) I, for one, would love to use a trampoline BUT I know that my medical status precludes the safe use of either type of machine. NOTE: I am not speaking against these machines....just reminding you that like most bone density treatments, they may not be right for everyone and that all treatments can have their downside. You want to be an informed consumer - especially where your health is concerned. .

Again, use the SEARCH box to find information about the machines....or any other topic related to Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. .

That is it for this month. End of the May I shall be off to Dayton to argue for the inclusion of professors emerita in meetings and work of the American Philosophical Association. My thesis is quite simple: that when I started out in philosophy, I experienced exclusion because I was a woman. Then in the 80s I discovered the exclusion of those labeled 'disabled'. Both those exclusions have lessened over time but now in my late 70s I find myself in the most excluded group of all: professors emerita, the old. And this in a profession dedicated to the pursuit of wisdom, a trait the neurosciences have found increases with age. .

The meeting should be great fun - a chance to do a bit of academic rabble rousing [grin]. My hope is that the ideas will catch on so those coming after will have an easier time. But if you contact me and do not get a reply, please understand that I may not be back in the normal swing of things yet. I do try to reply...but may need some time. .

Be well. Be happy. Take a bit of time to make your corner of the world a bit more humane this month. All of us will benefit from such efforts. .


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