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Two short studies - reversing bone loss
May 07, 2013

#1. An interesting study comparing Chinese herbs and pharmaceutical drugs was published in Evidence Based Complement Alternative Medicine in January 2013, .

The study eliminated a host of studies either because their protocols were not standardized or some other criteria were lacking or weak. Of the few studies that remained the researchers found that 1. The Chinese herbs showed greater increase in bone density when compared with a placebo substance - so researchers could conclude that it was not just a case of 'mind over matter' for increases in bone density. .

Researchers found that when compared to pharmaceutical drugs, the Chinese herbs also show advantage in BMD change (lumber spine: WMD = 0.03, 95% CI (ConfidenceInterval): −0.01–0.08; femoral: WMD = 0.01, 95% CI: −0.01–0.02). So they concluded that "Our results demonstrated that Chinese herb significantly increased lumbar spine BMD as compared to the placebo or other standard anti-osteoporotic drugs." .

Now this is a long paper and its data is not easily summarized in a newsletter. However the study at NCBI is published in a way that allows you to scroll down and find specific sections eg. the names of the Chinese herbs etc. If you want to consult this study just copy and past this url into your browser:


Study #2. Curcumin (found in the spice,Turmeric) is a known anti-oxidant (Some researchers believe its widespread use in Indian cooking may be a reason for lower incidence of Alzheimers in India.) BUT a new study now shows its use in preventing bone loss. .

The treatment of ovariectomised rats (ovaries removed) with 110 mg per/kg may be useful. Here is a quotation showing that removing ovaries from these rats showed loss of bone: " The structural parameters such as bone volume, trabecular number, trabecular thickness and trabecular separation were found to be deteriorated in ovariectomised rats compared to Sham group. Moreover, the reduced osteoblast count, the increased osteoclast count and increased eroded surface were found in ovariectomised groups." .

When the ovariectomised rats were given 110mg of tumeric per kg of weight the researchers found "Treatment with curcumin was able to reverse all these ovariectomy-induced deteriorations." .

If you like Indian food, you probably ingest a good deal of curcumin. If not, you might want to add the spice to your meals or get capsules. (I have links to some reliable sources at site PRODUCTS page.

Added note: When I began giving my arthritic dog [weighing about 110lbs} 500 mg twice a day, his stiffness and pain was so reduced that my vet decided to read the research and now suggests it to other clients with arthritic dogs. Does it work for arthritic human beings? I do not know. I have lots of pain but not from arthritis. [grin} .

A short newsletter this month. I was off to a workshop on bioenergy healing end of April to beginning of May and am giving a paper at an APA (American Philosophical Association) Conference at the end of May so this newsletter is a bit shorter than usual. .

Be well. Laugh every day. All the endorphins that you will release will help you feel better AND they will reduce your perception of pain and improve your overall health.

Until next month,


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