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Osteopenia3 November 2012
November 19, 2012

Good day.

I want to start with a notice to those who use AlgaeCal. .

The links on the both the products page and on the Algaecal pages are now working. Seems the company made some changes while I was recuperating last Spring and I did not update. But the good news is that the NEW links promise 'Double your money back' if your bone density does not improve within a year of using AlgaeCal.


Here in the United States we observe Thanksgiving Day this Thursday. I often use the time to reflect on my blessings. I want to tell you that I am grateful to you and this web site. It is not often that a 77 year old is able to still use her academic skills for the good of others. And as I have said before, those of you who place orders to Amazon or the other companies form the links on the Products page or elsewhere on the site, make a difference in my retirement income since those companies give me a small per cent of each sale. ( And for those who are new to Osteopenia3, I add that I am very careful of what companies I include. I do not put any there that I do not trust...even if they ask me to.)

Reflection, suggestion

Perhaps it is upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps it is seeing the devastation wrecked by Sandy, a hurricane as large as Europe that made landfall on the most populated area of this country. But I have been thinking a lot about changing weather patterns. .

Last winter Europe was gripped by extreme cold. For several years there has been extensive drought in Africa. Water levels are rising so much that some Pacific Islanders are estimating how long before they need to abandon their lands. This year the ice pack in Greenland is melting at an alarming rate. Polar bears are having to swim so far to new ice floes that the young grow tired and drown. The earth is heating up. Yes, you know this and you may be thinking what does this have to do with my bone density. .

About 2 weeks ago I read a study that said if a family of 4 did one day a week without meat, it would be have an equivalent impact on global warming as driving a energy saving Toyota Prius for a year. Amazing! Scientists are now realizing that the global increase in meat consumption is one of the prime causes of global warming. Why? The cutting of trees to raise cattle AND the enormous increase in methane from free range and factory farmed cattle. .

And this increase in meat in our diets may be related to the wide spread increase in bone loss. As we all know meat is 'acidifying' while plant diets are 'alkalizing' and since our bodies keep homeostasis they pull calcium (a base mineral) from our bones and teeth to bring our bodies back into balance if our diet makes us 'acidic'. .

How new is the widespread use of meat?? In the late 1920's one candidate for President of the United States promised 'a chicken in the pot for every family on Sunday". That is how seldom meat was part of the US diet....once a week was a presidential promise. Now many eat meat every day...some eat it more than once a day. .

But would going without meat one day or more each week be 'generally healthy'? Case in point. Have you seen pictures or videos of former US President Bill Clinton lately? After his heart surgery last year, he went vegan. I assume because the Cleveland Clinic has demonstrated that a vegan diet begins to reverse arterial plaque after just 3 or 4 months. But Bill Clinton has lost 40 - 50 pounds [without 'dieting'] as a result of hisnew plant based diet. And he looks wonderful.

No I am not advocating that you go vegan. Though I am thinking that one or two days a week without meat... Help reverse global warming and your may well help reverse your bone loss... and you will save money in the process. (Beans and rice like other vegetarian dishes are a lot less expensive that meat dishes. ) If you are not sure about recipes, there are now dozens of web sites with vegan and vegetarian recopies. (I know I have searched them looking for simple, top-of-the-stove meals since I am not a 'cook'.)

I realize that this newsletter is a bit more 'philosophical' than usual....but then I am a philosopher by trade. (You can check out my web site if you would like to know something of untold story of women in philosophy even ancient times.)

Next month, I will be back to tips and studies. I have found a whole new cache of scientific studies and am just starting to put them on line. If you want to get notice of new pages or updates to old one as I do them, go to the site and subscribe to the RSS feed.

Meantime that you for reading this far. Although I do not know each of your by name, I do think of you often and promise as always to bring you the best, science based information I can find. .


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