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Osteopenia3 updates - Sept2012
September 13, 2012

Welcome to your September issue of the Osteopenia Osteoporosis Newsletter. September is often considered to be a 'transiotn month' Those in the Northern Hemisphere are heading into Fall and Winter, while our friends below the equator are moving into Spring and Summer. And then for some the seasons go from dry to rainy so what each of us faces is different. But we all have one concern in common. How to ensure our bones are strong and we do not suffer a debilitating fracture this year. So let's get to it.

Men and Osteoporosis

I know there are a number of men who subscribe to this newsletter and almost everyone knows and cares about a man who is or may be at risk for bone loss. There is a new study published about men and Osteoporosis that raises issues about the current use of diagnostic tools designed for women on male patients. I found the article so important that I have summarized part and put a link to the full article (Unlike many scientific articles it is very readable). Do go to the web site and read:

If the gizmo that puts my new updates on line has not gotten the information there yet, just wait a day or so and go back to the link. The new material should be there. (You can tell that I think it worth the effort to read this piece.)


2. One of our readers from Pennsylvania (USA) not only reversed her bone loss but contacted one of the feature writers of her local newspaper to encourage him to do a story about reversing bone loss. Neat! Nothing like spreading the word and encouraging others to take a hand in their own bone strength! (I learned of the article when the newsman contacted me for a bit of background information about Osteoporosis and its treatment.)

I congratulate all of you who encourage others to take a hand in their own bone health. So much of bone building (or bone loss) is dependent on our own day to day choices.


The fall out from Japan's nuclear accident in Japan has reached the West coast of North America. Farm crops and dairy products are showing contamination.. If you use prunes as part of your bone building program, you may want to stock up on last years crop and not buy the new crop since there are reports of cesium contamination. (Just do a search for: Japan nuclear fallout xxxx (where xxxx is a fruit, vegetable or dairy you might buy.)

New gizmo - slow learner

For the past month or so I have been trying to learn the new page building mechanism used by the company where I host this site.

Slowly....slowly I learn. They SAY it is more efficient and more effective but this old scholar was happy with the old system.

When I get it 'down pat' I shall be adding new pages and revising old pages at a great clip. Research seems to be burgeoning - not just because the research centers are studying new aspects of bone remodeling but also because more and more Phds from non-Western nations are publishing research about long term practices in their own cultures which have depended on food and herbs for health interventions.

I find this very exciting. So much to little time.

Until next month, be well. Drink enough water and dance for a few minutes each day - even if you do not have a partner.


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