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September 19, 2013

This newsletter comes a bit late this month. Two reasons. First, I came across some new research and wanted to check it out and get it on the web site before I wrote - in part because it may offer some ideas for those concerned about using calcium supplements. Second I have been pondering the future of the web site and after much thought have decided to ask your help.

New research: the sweetest bone builder

To grasp the importance of this sweet bone builder we need to review the structure of bones. Trabecular bone (also called Cancellous bone) forms the inner core of your bones. Trabecular bone is what gives support/strength to outer (cortical) bone When your trabecular bone becomes THIN you are diagnosed with Osteopenia. If you lose so much trabecular bone that the spaces become large ( bone begins to look like an open weave net) you are diagnosed with Osteoporosis (porous bone). If you loose a lot of trabecular bone there is nothing to support the outer cortical bone and fractures happen easily, .

ALL Osteopenia and Osteoporosis remedies are aimed at increasing/strengthening trabecular bone and the web site lists all the pharmaceutical drugs, supplements and daily habits that research has shown will prevent the loss of additional trabecular bone AND/OR increase the building of additional trabecular bone. (So much for the review. Now for some AMAZING news...) .

I just added a remarkable bone building remedy to the web site - a special honey from South East Asia that has been shown to be MORE EFFECTIVE than calcium for building bone!

Tualang honey is its name and I urge you to read about it. (I've included a link to the page about this honey at the end of today's newsletter so you can find the information about it easily. NOTE; The page is so new that it is not yet listed in the SEARCH mechanism on the site. You need to use the link supplied - at least for a week or two until Google indexes the page.

The future of the web site

I may need to close the web site. I do not want to do this but people's use of the Internet is changing and the site has been hit hard. .

Let me explain. As many of you know I started this web site in 2005 after an an accident led to unexpected retirement. I wanted to find a way to use my professional skills so as to be of service AND to earn some income to supplement my modest retirement stipend.

. I feel good about the web site. It covers more topics than any of the official national and international sites about Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. - in part because it not only covers pharmaceutical drugs and life style factors eg. nutrition, exercise etc. but it also covers remedies from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayuredevic medicine, and more recently information from herbal traditions and the practices of indigenous peoples. And everything is based on scientific studies. .

I have been glad to do this work. It is a way to use my skills. And it has provided me a modest income. (about $8 an hour) But all this has changed. .

Most of what I earn from the site comes from google ads. Yes, a few people make a donation and others go to the products page to order their supplements. But up until now Google ads have been the main source of income. .

But the internet changes. People do not like to look at ads and I can not blame them. Some sites have 2 or 3 ads on every page! So in the last year AD BLOCKING programs have become popular. And some of the latest browsers eg. Firefox, block tracking (Google ads depend on tracking so they know what web site should be paid for the 'click'). and so ads do not show on ANY pages read through these browsers. .

These changes hit informational web sites such as Osteopenia3 hard. When people do not see ads, they can not click on them. No clicks, no income for the web sites. Starting last Spring my own income has dropped from about $8 an hour to just under $3 an hour in the last months. .

Folks I am not willing to work for $3 an hour. For weeks I have been trying to think about what can be done. The one idea I have come up with is to ask each of you that when you shop on line, would you go through the PRODUCTS page (There is a link half way down the Blue Navigation bar at The PRODUCTS page has a link to Amazon (which sells all sorts of things) and to several reputable supplement sites. If you go to one of the sites through my links, I get a small percentage of the sale. If this income - it is called 'affiliate income - increases, that might make up for the losses from ads. .

And if you shop on line regularly (for anything at all) do consider letting me know what site you use. If it is not on the Osteopenia web site now I will see if the company has an 'affiliate program' and I can apply. .

Also, would you look at the PRODUCTS page on my other web site (the PRODUCTS link it about 2/3 down the yellow navigation bar) It has affiliate links to beauty/skin care, computer/electronics, fashion, gifts, magazine subscription, pet care stores, travel and vacations (including discount air fare sites).

I really, really do not want to shut down these web sites. I think they provides a real service....and up to now, enough of an income for me. This is why I am being so upfront with you and asking your help.


I shall give this new direction a trial - at least 9 months to see if we can turn things around. I am open to other ideas. ...


I thank you for reading this far and for any consideration you give the suggestion about doing you on-line shopping through this or the site.

Kate .

PS The link to the Tualang honey page is:

Enjoy and thanks for reading today's newsletter.

All the information is based on scientific information.

You will find it at: (If the link does not work just cut and paste it into your browser when you finish reading the rest of the newsletter.) Yes, please read the rest - it is important.

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