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Osteopenia, Osteoporosis December 2017 Announcements
December 11, 2017

December 2017 Osteopenia/Osteoporosis news

Dear Friends, . Important notice. Because there has been an increase in HACKING, there is now a new, more secure web code. Websites using this secure code begin: https instead of the old http. .

I have spent most of the last few months, editing every page on the web site so I can use this new, more secure code. I plan to make the full changeover before the end of December. (I have heard that some web sites have major issues when making the change. So I may wind up hiring a professional if there are too many difficulties. But the more secure site will be yours come 2018.) .

I ANNOUNCE THIS CHANGE now because if you have a bookmark to the site that is you may find it will not work after I make the change. If so, just change your url to [note the httpS, which designates the new secure code]. .

To be honest I am a bit nervous about this change over. Some website owners have lost traffic and search engine placement after making the change. But I believe it is worth it because this new code will make your use of the site so much more secure. OK...that is my big announcement. .

Now before I close I want to add two things. First I want to thank each of you who has made a donation in the last year. AND I want to thank those who shop or make travel reservations or click ads on the site. These things bring me income and I am grateful to you for that. .

Since an auto accident made it necessary for me to retire from teaching long before I expected, the and sites are not only ways for me to use my skills to serve others but the links for shopping and travel well as clicks on ads and donations are key to my economic well being. I thank each of you who has helped with that. .

May your end of the year be full of joy and may you feel especially blessed. AND may you find 2018 your very best year yet. Sincerely,


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