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Osteopenia July2014
July 16, 2014

Good day to you,

First, some good news. The makers of AlgaeCal let me know that they have published scientific studies of their supplement that do NOT also include strontium in the study. I think this is good news since we know that strontium increases bone density and its inclusion in a study could skew study results.

I have added information to the web site (Use the search box for: algae cal studies).


I received notice from Hyperwear that they are having a July sale of their weight vests etc. If you use the link from the product page web site and do not get SALE price, let me know and I will send you the special code asap.

If you do research on your own

If you have come across a supplement publicized for building bones and it is NOT on the web site, do let me know so I can research it and add it to the site. BUT please check the SITE SEARCH BOX before emailing me.

Doing 'double work' - researching something already on the site, takes away from other tasks. (This is still a 1 person operation.)

Update - new research area

Fourth, There was no newsletter in June - to be honest, after so many years working on I found myself close to burn out and I took a month off - a holiday from both reading new research and from writing the Newsletter.

But as of July I am back AND I have found research for a whole new area: herbs to prevent and reverse bone loss. Yes, herbs.

In much of the world, health care incorporates both Western pharmaceutical/technological medicine as well as traditional body manipulations and herbal medicine. In this century these two medical traditions have begun to interact - mostly because practitioners of 'non-Western medicine' have also studied Western scientific tradition and want to get publications in scientific journals.

So there is a growing body of scientific studies of traditional practices alone and/or studies comparing those practices with Western technological, pharmaceutical medical practices.

The field of Osteoporosis/Osteopenia is no exception. You will find studies about acupuncture, Tai chi, yoga, TCM , a few herbs as well as several specific foods. All are listed on the NATURAL TREATMENTS page of the site. .

BUT in the past year I have read SO MANY new studies. Most done in Asian universities. Many of the papers focus on herbs - herbs used by traditional healers. BUT what I realized is that many of these herbs also grow in western countries, often in fields as wildflowers or in flower gardens.

AND what may be of even more use to you, I found some reliable web sites that sell many of these herbs! (Often in the past, readers would email asking where they could buy a herb used in TCM or Auyredevic medicine but I had no source to recommend.)

Soooooo I have decided to focus this year's research on: Herbs Used to Promote or Restore Bone Loss.

I shall include summaries and/or references to scientific studies about each herb and what I consider very important, I am also researching contradinctions - medical or life style conditions that are not compatible with the use of a specific herb. .

Because of technical aspects of building this web site, I shall add individual pages for a few months BEFORE I add an HERB section to Natural Treatments. But YOU can get notification of individual pages as I build them. Just go to and sign up for the RSS feed. .

Meantime be sure to drink lots of water - especially in the heat. Remember dehydration is NOT good for your bones.

Be well, be happy and may you be full of joy.


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