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Osteopenia March2014
March 06, 2014

Maybe you noticed that there was no newsletter last month. True. Here in the Hudson Valley we had very large snowfalls - so much I had to get someone to clear the roof....and still roof caps collapsed etc. I was so focused on weather related things that I just did not get enough new research done to send something meaningful. . .

Also I have begun rewriting the entire web site - transferring it from html to css code.(and updating research as I go). Why? The site needs a 'new look' and I want to provide some new services. CSS is not the norm for web sites - and search engines expect that sites keep up with such changes. Yes, it is a lot of work...but in the end it will be worth it.


I have found a really good web designer (This month she has done one of my newer sites with fewer pages.) As soon as I finish updating all 255 pages of you will see a new design for the site...and some additional features (I hope).

Recent Research

1. New research, published this year in Biomedical Research International links oxidative stress with excessive bone resorption and thus Osteoporosis. So all the hype about anti-oxidants does have connection with preventing bone loss - especially as we age. .

2. A study in the Journal of Preventative Medical Public Health in January cautioned physicians about the use of Levothyroxine (a medication for those with low thyroid) in Elderly Women....that patients need to be monitored because over treatment causes osteoporosis. .

3. Rhizoma Dioscreae (Chinese yam) extract has been shown to have Protective effect on on bone loss in Ovariectomized Rats (those whose ovaries have been removed.) Those looking for Osteoporosis remedies often do their first studies on such rats. The study, was published in Scientific World Journal this year. If you want to read it, copy and paste this link into your browser

More studies

4. There has been a study published about 'Osteonecrosis of the jaw in a male osteoporotic patient treated with denosumab'. Osteonecrosis is sometimes called 'bone death' or 'bone rot". Denosumab, is manufactured by Amgen and is sold in the United States under the name 'Prolia".


5. A study published in Scientific World Journal this year showed that Probiotic Supplementation, either Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium had a positive effect on post menopausal women because these supplements seemed to overcome increase the availability of minerals, reduce the effects of phylate, reduce intestinal inflammation and hydrolysing glycoside bond food in the intestine.

So there has been much hype about Probotics of late. This study seems to show that they can be helpful for those concerned about their bone density.

OK. I do not usually do so many short , headline like reports. But I want to alert you to these new studies and at the same time keep working on the site. (I am updating research studies there as I rewrite pages) Right now I have completed all the A's and about 2/3 of the B's. Long way to go but I think that in the end it will be more than worth the time/effort.


Thanks for reading. Be well, be happy and please practice your balance each day by standing on one foot for a few minutes. (Of course do so near a counter or stable piece of furniture so you can 'grab hold' if you begin to 'tip'.


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