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Osteopenia March 2015
March 06, 2015
Dear friends,

Well it is done. Your site has been redesigned. The 'new look' went 'live' this week. I hope you will enjoy it. I've added a 'recent articles' section so you can see what new information has added to the site.

I want to thank all those who made a donation to the site in 2014/15. Those donations made it possible for me to hire someone to do this redesign. .

There are two ways you can support this work. When you buy anything from the Shop/Products page, I get a small percent of each purchase. OR if you prefer, you can use the Donate button to send some money via pay pal. Thank you again to all who make it possible for me to continue the work.. .


The biggest news in Osteopenia/Osteoporosis in 2014 was increased research about bone loss in men. The site has added information when when a study suggests something new. But the more I reflect on the issue of bone loss, the more I realize that our modern civilization is way ahead of the evolution of our bodies. .

The process of 'bone remodeling' - creating new bone and removing old, weak bone - was established before there were cities or even regular farming. Our ancestors walked about 24 miles a day 'grazing' for food - bending and reaching for berries and edible fruits. They used primitive tools to dig tubers and they hauled firewood on a regular basis. They did not eat candy, sticky buns or soda pop.

You know all this. You have read it before. But there is so much in modern life that goes against living in ways that our bodies need if our bones are to remain strong. What is interesting is that Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are almost unknown among people who still live simpler, more primitive lives.

So what can we do?

Some decide to keep their low physical activity and high refined carbohydrate diets and take pharmaceuticals to change their metabolism so they either grow more bone...or slow the removal of 'old bone'. Both these choices have their risks. . Others choose to eat differently and/or begin to do exercises that will stimulate their osteoblasts to increase bone building.

. We have been over this ground before. But there is one more thing - something that few in the medical world seem to talk about. And that is reducing stress. .

Without going into all the physiology, stress makes changes in your metabolism. Stress IS a cause of bone loss but few seem to talk about it. Everyone one says do weight bearing exercise. Some add nutritional guidelines. But almost no one says that the daily stress of commuting, of a job, of trying to 'make ends meet' or thinking about a sick parent or children who seem heading in the wrong direction... Thinking, worrying about these things can increase our stress levels. In fact some adults are stressed so often that to them it feel 'normal' and if they begin to feel 'unstressed', it seem odd or wrong.

So today I want to ask you how stressed you feel on a daily basis. Does your mind race? Do you get uptight driving? Do you worry about your parents, your children or money? Is stress so common in your life that your body is 'up tight"? If so, this could be the underlying cause of your excessive bone loss.

Make some changes. please

It is early March. By the end of this month, you could be living with much less stress. But you need to make a plan. Yes, you could join a class of Tai Chi or Yoga (as long as the yoga instructor knows the positions you should NOT do).

You could study TM or build meditation sessions into your day. Or you could sing - really belt out songs when you are in the car or cleaning the house. You could do Feldenkrais or practice meditation.

You could put a reminder program on your computer and do leisurely stretches every hour. You could get a pet (yes, they reduce stress in their humans). If you get a dog, it means you have a built in excuse to walk every day - twice a day. Or you could try the Japanese practice of laughing- laughing for at least 15 minutes each day. (Yes, it can be done AND you will experience whole body relaxation in the process.)


But I ask of I beg you. Reduce your stress now. Do not wait for worsening bone loss, high blood pressure or a heart attack or.... .

Our ancestors may have faced fearful events but unlike those living modern civilization their need to walk miles each day, their lack of information overload, their social rituals gave them protections that we do not have. This is one of the big reasons why we suffer Osteoporosis and Osteopenia while few of them did. So please think about it. What can you do to either reduce or counteract the stresses of modern life? And please, just do it.


PS. I hope you like the new site design!

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