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Osteopenia October 2014
October 16, 2014

NEWS: There is a new strontium drug in Stage 2 trials. So far it does not seem to have the same cardio side effects as Protelos - but testing is not finished.

. I found references to this drug a few years back but then it dropped from view. Seems that Swedish and USA drug companies were arguing over who had the right to develop it. Well the legal things have been settled. Research continues. If you want to read about it, go to:

In house news

In house news:

1.As of October first, the site is showing on MOBILE.


2. I have edited and recoded 230 pages (25 more to go). What may be of interest is that I am updating the research on EVERY page Some topics have studies published as late as last month. And you will find that many of the pages now have a graphic. I hope is more attractive and easier to read.

Can you offer advice?

I want the site to work well for you so I have a few questions - especially if you access the Internet via mobile.

First, Do you prefer 2 columns [as we now have] or 3 column sites with links, pictures etc. on both sides?.................

Second, Do you prefer sites with links across the top of the page - fewer down the sides? If you have a site that you REALLY LIKE its design, would you send me the link? I plan to pay a designer this time so I can consider more options.

Third, Do you use/attend webinars? Would you be interested in some for ....even if there had to be a small fee to attend? Ideas on this most welcome....

Fourth, if you have suggestions, now is the time. I may not be able to do everything....ah, $$$$ but this site has more information that National Osteoporosis site etc. I want to make it as useful as possible to each of you.

Fifth, this newsletter - would you prefer ALL scientific updates or ALL practical things (like the balance exercise issue of last Spring) or do you prefer some of each - research and practical.

To reply to any/all those questions, just hit 'reply'. Oh, and please accept my thanks in advance. I usually try to reply to all emails but it could be very time consuming to reply to each I shall not reply to each email - BUT KNOW I am grateful for your ideas/opinions and plan to use them.

Thanks in advance. Next month I hope to have the newsletter back on track with more bone building info.

Again, my hope is that the updated site will LOOK GOOD, be easier for cell phone users AND still contain more research based information about reversing bone loss than ANY other web site.

Thanks in advance for your ideas...


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