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Osteopenia September 2014
September 10, 2014

Almost mid-September and I have not sent Osteopenia news yet. This one will be short.

When I started the website in 2004 the Internet was a very different place. Most 'serious sites' looked like books or literary journals.

-- All that has changed. CSS code is replacing HTML. Images and color dominate. And mobile phone access is increasing. (Pages look different on a phone.)

This summer

This Summer I realized the 'time was now' and had to be recoded to CSS.


This is very time consuming. As I recode, I am adding new research and bringing content up to date. (In some cases new studies have really changed things.) ...

And while doing that research, I have come across studies from outside North America and Europe that offer new (and often less expensive) ways to increase bone density. So, I now have a 'list of new topics' to be added as soon as all this updating is complete.

Folks, this is tedious work. ...takes about 2 hours to redo a page. My goal is 2 pages a day. The site has 254 pages - When the coding is finished I shall have the site REDESIGNED to the newer look.

Herbs and

Now, I promised you an HERBS section. It is not a special section yet but if use the SEARCH BOX you will find Chamomile, Black Cohash, Gushukang and Red Clover on the site already (Just remember the top search returns are Google ads - Pages from the site all


That's it for this month. I hope you have not found this month's newsletter disappointing. But I want to give you a 'heads up' as to what is going on.

I am working very hard. My hope is that the updated site will LOOK GOOD, be easier for cell phone users AND still contain more research based information about reversing bone loss than ANY other web site.



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