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Osteopenia December 2016
December 21, 2016

December Osteopenia/Osteoporosis 2016 news

How sweet it is! For the last few weeks I have been thinking of that phrase - made popular some years back by comedienne Jackie Gleason Why? Because I have been using Tualang Honey, the honey from South East Asia that has been shown to build trabecular bone. (There is a page on the web site about it.

You can not buy Tualang honey on Amazon. Amazon has Manuka honey which has many health benefits but I have found NO scientific study showing that Manuka honey builds bone. Tualang honey does. AND the good news is that you can now buy it on ETSY...not just from the producer listed on the web site.

Best wishes

Friends, this is a short newsletter....mostly because there are few NEW scientific studies. Yes, there are studies but most cover 'old ground'.

As we come to the end of 2016, I want to wish you well. For those celebrating religious holy days, for those gathering with family and/or friends, I wish you the best.

I thank you for using the web site. It is a privilege to be able to use my skills for good purpose. I especially thank those who do their shopping or find their discount travel tickets from the SHOP page. I also thank each person who has made a donation to help support this work. Those donations really help. The company just notified me about paying to keep the site online for another year. I shall do it.

I consider it a privilege at age 81 to do this work. Be well. Integrate balance exercises into daily activities - such as standing in line. Bend from the hips, not the waist. These are easy ways to prevent fractures - no matter what your dexa scan says.

I wish you the best, Kate

Kate Lindemann, prof emerita Mount Saint Mary College Newburgh, New York

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