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Osteopenia Jan/Feb 2016
January 29, 2016

Jan/Feb 2016 news

Good day to you...or 'good evening' as the case may be. This month's newsletter is long overdue. Why? January can be a tough month and this year found me playing checkers on line more often than I was reading research. But I do want to be sure that everyone knows a few things:

1. Olive leaf, has been show in have a positive effect on our bones. There a several pages about olive leaf on the web site. Just use the search box at .

2. Olive leaf also has anti-viral properties. I have used it as a preventive against flu. And I have even used it to end flu quickly if I have contracted it. (I have found that large doses are necessary if I already have the virus. I take it up to 'bowel tolerance' for it to work.) .

3. Olive leaf can also lower blood pressure and since I take blood pressure medication, I monitor my blood pressure when I use it - especially if I am using large doses during flu season. Now this information about olive leaf is not new. I have spoken about it before. But given the all news about Zika virus, I can not help wondering if anyone has though about Olive leaf or if we have become so oriented towards pharmaceuticals that olive leaf's anti-viral uses have been forgotten.

I wonder how many pharmaceutical drugs have both anti-viral AND pro bone building activities?

Be well. Be happy. And please do some weight bearing exercises every day - including walking DOWN stairs when ever possible. The slight shock that travels up your bones when you step down onto a lower step is just enough to encourage your Osteoblasts to be active.

Walking UP stairs is cardio....walking down stimulates bone growth.

Also, if you got a weight vest or are using weights remember that your bones grow in response to GREATER starting at the LOWEST weight possible and then increasing it 'just a bit' each week is much better than starting at a higher weight....and not having much room for increasing weights. Slow but sure...


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