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Osteopenia January 2017 News
February 14, 2017

February Osteopenia/Osteoporosis news

February. It has been awhile since I have written. There was no newsletter in January. Why? Well, when I started the Osteopenia3 newsletter, I decided NOT to write just for the sake of writing. I want to be sure that each newsletter offers something significant. When I do not have something, I prefer not to clutter your 'in' box. But this month I have 2 things I believe are worth sharing.

First, the National Institute of Health has listed Radix Dipsaci Extract as a bone builder. (If you live in Europe or the United States, you may know Radix Dipsaci under the name, Teasel. Yes, teasel - some call it teazel or teazle.) This is a plant that often grows wild. You WILL notice it because it can reach 8 feet (2.5 meters). Like many of you I have seen Teasel growing on neglected lots or in wild places. And, up until this month I never knew that this 'weed' could be so important. .

The National Institute of Health website includes a number scientific studies about Radix Dispaci (teasel). One is a study in which laboratory rats were fed Radix Dipsaci extract. The rodents showed a 4.50% increase in their 'bone to tissue' volume ratio! AND the trabecular bone (the inner bone that gives strength to our bones) increased by 11.82% in number of the rats. Imagine 11.82% increase from a plant that most people consider a weed.

Now, if you use the services of a practitioner of herbal medicine s/he may be be quite familiar with teasel but if your regular physician was not trained in herbal medicine s/he may be unfamiliar with in. In that case you might want to read more and you might want to print the page about teasel so you can show give it to your health care provider. How? Just copy and paste this url in your browser:

Then print the page and relevant information from links on that page.

Second. Where can you buy Radix Dipsaci Extract (Teasel)? You may need to look around a bit to find this herb. Kaylx sells Radix Dipsaci (teasel) and I put a link to Kaylx, on the web page with the url:

And of course, there is always Amazon.

But wait there is more. If you have lyme disease or your know anyone with lyme disease, you will want to know that Teasel (Radix Dipsaci) has been shown to be helpful to persons with lyme!

Another piece of good news abut Teasel. If a lack of early diagnosis of lyme disease means you (or someone you know) now has chronic lyme, you may find Radix Dipsaci (teasel) offers real help for your lyme AND at the same time it can build bone density. Talk about a useful herb! Friends, I thank you for using the web site. It is a privilege to be able to use my skills for good purpose. Also, I especially thank those of you who do your shopping or make travel arrangements through the SHOP page. And I want to thank each person who has made a donation to support this work. Your donations make a real difference.

Finally, I want to tell you that I consider it a privilege to serve your need for information about avoiding fractures and improving your bone density. Not every 81 year old has such an opportunity to use her skills to serve others.

Be well.

AND I wish you all the best in 2017


Kate Lindemann, Ph.d. prof emerita Mount Saint Mary College Newburgh, New York

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