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Osteopenia July 2015
July 15, 2015

New research shows that COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) can also be a cause of Osteoporosis. Since COPD is another condition marked by inflammation, that is probably what leads to the excessive bone loss. ..

And maybe that is why some well known anti-inflammation herbs, namely Clove, Ginger,Rosemary and Turmeric are listed as anti-Osteoporosis herbs. (I recently discovered that making a tea with ginger slices also reduces nausea...and joint pain. My great grand mother probably knew this but I was brought up on pharmacy medications so many of these things are new to me.)

More natural treatments

Rosemay Fisher, the well known cook book author, learned she had advanced Osteoporosis at the age of 61 when they took X-rays after an auto accident. Her doctors pronounced her condition "hopeless" and "indicated that she was doomed to continued bone loss and eventually to a wheel chair." ..

Instead of accepting the diagnosis, Fisher used her research skills for finding ways to increase her absorption of calcium thorough her diet, because the medications and supplements left her feeling ill. ..

In only two years, Fisher not only halted the progression of bone loss, she reversed her condition - adding 5% to her overall bone mass. The increase has been verified by DXA. Wanting to share her experience, Fisher published a book "Osteoporosis: My Story and Diet", followed by "My High Calcium-Low Cholesterol Diet", and "Recipes and Research on Osteoporosis, Heart Disease and Cancer".

If you want to read any of these, do check your public library. If you want to buy a copy, all her books are available on Amazon.

Note: If you go to Amazon through this link, I get a small commission from your purchase.

That is NOT why I mention her book....but if you are going to buy, then.....

This month I shall end with a personal note. Doing research on this topic has helped me strengthen my own bones. Sharing the research has helped me have a sense of purpose in my elder years. ( On July 28, I shall turn 80.) So I am very serious when I say, THANK YOU for reading this newsletter; for using the web site AND for telling others about it.

Be well. Be happy. And I encourage you to practice at least 1 balance exercise each day.


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