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Osteopenia June 2015
June 02, 2015
Dear friends,

Osteopenia, Osteoporosis updates. This is the first newsletter in awhile. Why? .

Two reasons: My health has been iffy so I took some time off. Then when I started reading the research again, I found that with 250 pages of information the site, the site already covers just about everything in the literature. It has more topics than any popular book about Osteopenia or Osteoporosis. It also has more information than other web sites. Still, I keep looking for more research about things that will improve bone density. So....

Herbs for your bones

Up until now Western health practitioners have not put much effort into finding effective herbs for improving bone density. (Could it be that pharmaceutical companies see no money in herbs?) .

But there are effective herbs. And after spending a few months reading scientific studies about herbs for building new bone (and/or preventing bone loss) I am now putting information on the web site. .

You can read about herbs to prevent bone loss and herbs to increase bone density either by clicking on TREATMENTS, going to NATURAL TREATMENTS. The link to HERBS is about half way down the page. Alternatively, you can type: herbs into the SEARCH box and about 20 pages should come up. (And I am adding more each week!)

I am really excited about this. Herbs are generally inexpensive. And I have found 2 very reliable companies that sell herbs on line. . . even Chinese herbs. And in the last year or so, Amazon is beginning to carry more herbs. .

With these new resources available to us, I feel free share the information about herbs and bone building (Before this, many readers found it frustrating when I wrote about herbs since they had no way of buying them.) .

I shall continue researching herbs- so if you have heard of a herb that is good for bone density and it is NOT ON THE SITE yet, do let me know and I will see if there are any scientific studies about it.

Some persons decide to keep their low physical activity and high refined carbohydrate diets and take pharmaceutical drugs to change their body chemistry so they either grow more bone...or slow the removal of 'old bone'. Both these choices have risks. .

Others choose to eat differently, begin to do exercises and/or use herbs that will stimulate their osteoblasts to increase bone building.


Please this month, do make a renewed effort to strengthen your bones --- if you have not been to the Natural Treatments section for awhile, you might want to take a look soon. .

What excites me is that the medical community is beginning to find out that there are sooooo many things that we can do in our every day lives, that will build stronger bones ---- even if our bones have become fragile and we have had some fractures. .

(Yes, I have had several fractures. And, yes, fractures hurt.) That we all avoid fracturing a bone is what motivates me to do this work. There is NO REASON why you or I should suffer another fracture if....IF we work on bone building every day.

. Do do go to, review the CAUSES page and then the TREATMENTS pages. Review all the treatments (including the herbal treatments) Select some that will address YOUR particular causes. Personalize your bone building program. Remember what works for your friend may not be the best treatment for you if you have different causes. You can build stronger bones! Yes, you can...but it takes understanding and commitment. .

Good luck. Be well. Until next month...


You can build stronger bones! (And do feel free to give the site url to your health care provider so s/he knows what you are reading.)

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