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Osteopenia November
November 13, 2015

November 2015 news

Readers from Australia, South Africa and other nations in the Southern Hemisphere are coming into more sun and warmth, while those in the Northern Hemisphere are heading into greater darkness and colder weather. .

More sun means it is easier to get the daily Vitamin D necessary for bone building and less sun means that we may need to take a supplement to get adequate Vitamin D. (ask your health care provider.)

But do be careful. Too much Vitamin D can lead to abnormally high levels of calcium in your blood. It can result in nausea, constipation, confusion, abnormal heart rhythm, and even kidney stones. Please if you are taking Vitamin D, do ask your health care provider to TEST your Vitamin D levels so you know where you stand. (I mention this because some web sites recommend taking very high levels of Vitamin D and although many of us need some supplementation, these high levels COULD create unwanted health issues.)

Building stronger vertebra

Here is a practical tip for those of you wanting to increase spinal bone density. If you do not have a weight vest, do consider buying one. On the PRODUCTS PAGE of is a link to the vest I think is best for those of us wanting to build bone.

Why best? Most 'sport' weight vests use 1/4 or 1/2 pound weights. So if you add a new weight every 10 days or so, you are soon up to 4 - 6 pounds - an amount that could cause you to loose your balance when you bend..or if the weight shifts to the side. . The products page links to a weight vest that uses 1 ounce weights. If you start with 4 ounces and then add 2 more ounces each week (keeping the weight balanced - 1 ounce on each side) you will have months of greater bone building out of your vest.

When I use my vest, I start with 4 weights and then add 2 weights every week until I have the vest full. I wear the 'full vest' for an extra week or so. Then I take it off, wait 3 or 4 months and then start all over. Why the wait? Our osteoblats (bone building cells) respond to NEW stress. By waiting I allow my bones to get used to no weight. Then when I start again, it is like adding brand new weight to my spine. I figure this is the way to go. Do I have a doctors advice for this? No. Just my own analysis. It seems logical.

I suppose the same thing could be done with a back pack...starting with a paperback book. One caution I have about back packs is that all the weight is on our back...unlike a weight vest where is evenly distributed around the upper body. Some backpacks can shift when we bend forward or turn to the side. And if your pack is heavy, this shift could cause you to stumble or fall. So be please careful!

(Some people add an extra tie through the bottom of the pack around their the pack will not shift. The books might still shift, but not the pack itself). A real weight vest is an easy way to stimulate bone building in your spine. Just be sure to get one that uses small weights....


Amla - Indian gooseberry

After reading the research I decided to take one Amla tablet each day. (The web site has information about this Indian herb and how it induces osteoclasts (bone removing cells) to die off. This is the same mechanism found in bisphosphonate (Fosamax etc.) drugs prescribed for Osteoporosis. The BIG differences between bisphosophates and Amla is that Amla seldom has ANY negative side effects. .

I take my tablet after breakfast and I shall continue this for several months. (I do not want to do it too long, lest I develop the same negative long term effect as bisphosphonate drugs have - - fracture because too much 'old bone' has remained.) Oh, an added plus is that Amla is quite inexpensive. It can be bought through the Shop/Products page on web site.

If you want to read more about Amla go to: See:

That is it for this month. I wish you all the best in life....and with your bone building.

Know that when I celebrate Thanksgiving holiday later this month, that being able to provide you with solid information is one of the things I shall be grateful for. It is a privilege at age 80 to have a way to use my skills, talents for the good of others.


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