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Osteopenia September 2015
September 08, 2015

1.Astonishing research news: Nitroglycerin improves bone density. Now if you have heart disease you may have a 'nitro' pill to put under your tongue when you have chest pain. So now you know that besides saving you from a heart attack, it is helping your bones. (No, do not take nitro WITHOUT your health care providers advice.)

2.Linus Pauling is the man who put Vitamin C on the map. Recent research shows that Vitamin C plays an important role in the building of new bone.

I found studies from 2008, 2012, 2013 that showed that a lack of sufficient Vitamin C interferes with bone building. I do not have this information (and the scientific studies) on the web site yet. But I plan to add it this month. This is just an early notice to newsletter readers.

October: time to review, renew

3. October marks a change of seasons time in many places. As such it is a good time to review what you are doing to build new bones. Alkaline diet and Weight bearing exercises are basic to any program. But beyond that you want to review the Causes page - list ALL of your and then skim the articles under 'Natural treatments' to find things that fit your particular situation.


Osteopenia and Osteoporosis have become big business. In the last 10 years there are more and more persons cashing in - and I do not mean just pharmaceutical companies. There are books, DVD's, web sites that say 'follow my program and you will build bone - guaranteed'. I worry a bit when I see these promises. True they work for many people (good) but there are over 71 different causes of bone loss! If your bone loss is not addressed by the particular program you will simply lose time. Why not find your CAUSES and address these - you will have success...and you success will last a life time. This why I say...again and again...that the CAUSES page is most important.

4. I have come across some references to natural treatments I had not heard of before. I am now looking for scientific studies about these and as soon as I find material I shall put it on the site.

5. Last but not least: For some reason Mozilla Firefox is not working on the web site's Search box. I have been trying to resolve the problem. At this point, I think I need to hire a 'web guru'. I hope to have the issue taken care of by next month. Meantime if you usually use Firefox as your browser and you want to use the SEARCH BOX you might want to USE Bing or Google for searching until this problem is solved. (If you are a web guru and think you know what the problem is, please feel free to contact me. I have never run into this before.) Be well. Decide each morning to be happy - practice stress relief. You will not only feel better but these things are better for your bones.


PS. Over the summer several persons made donations to the site. I hope I thanked each one individually but if I missed anyone, please know how grateful I am. Your donations....and persons who do their online shopping through this sites Shop page are what give me enough money to want to keep this site going. Thank you...thank you.....thank you.

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