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1. Vitamin D is in the news again.

2. Celebration time - dancing in the streets!

3. Change in your Newsletter subscription.


1.Three recent studies state that Vitamin D and calcium supplements do NOT reduce fracture risk. But M. Holick of Boston University School of Medicine immediately reminded the research community that these 3 studies should be viewed against the long literature showing that Vitamin D and calcium DO REDUCE THE RISK of fractures. Huh? (I will keep following this topic for you)

2. The Current Osteoporosis Report advises “ that in the absence of sun exposure, adults should ingest 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per day”. This dosage is much higher than earlier recommendations...

3.Recent Vitamin D studies show positive results on cardiovascular,diabetes and autoimmune disease health. Your Vitamin D supplements be helping more than just your bones.


Last week I was dancing for joy! My physician called with my bi-annual dexa scan results. I have NORMAL bone density in both hips and spine!!!! No more Osteoporosis. No more Osteopenia. It took me years but I did reverse my bone loss. I hope you can take encouragement and renewed motivation from those results... so you will reverse your own bone loss.


Starting next month (February), your newsletter will come twice a month. Why the change? So much new research! Then, too, advertising agencies have 'caught on' to Osteopenia. You deserve to know which claims hold up under scientific scrutiny.

The new newsletter will be short... and contents listed at the top so you can quickly decide if you want to read more. Also, I will announce one item for the next letter.

Next lead story: How long Fosamax? Is fosamax to be a lifelong prescription or do the benefits wane over time? Read next issue for what the latest studies show.

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