Today’s issue has 4 items.

1. Your success stories

2. Oh, those calcium ads

3. Exercise - updated information

4. Special information for readers living outside the United States.

1.SUCCESS STORIES. Several of you have written me about your successes. Some have IMPROVED BALANCE. Others, who have been at this for a year or more, have written of IMPROVED DEXA SCAN results.

A few of you suggested that the site publish SUCCESS STORIES. Great idea!.

It is motivating to read success stories. So, if you have had a success, please share your story. I will start publishing some on the web site or in the ebook.

Fill out the form at: .

If you wrote to me privately about your success, I do need you to fill out this form since it gives me permission to publish your success and I do not want to run into any sort of legal problems in using your story.

2. OH THOSE ADS. Have you seen the new Oscal ads? They claim scientific studies but do not mention when or where they were done or what the results were. Companies can claim anything. If you are thinking of ordering Oscal, do read this page giving test results when Oscal was compared with other Calcium supplements:

3. EXERCISE UPDATE. Enough is enough. It is known the long distance cyclists tend to have lower bone density. But now there are some studies showing that long distance anything is associated with lower bone density: triathletes, cyclists, runners - even those doing aerobics..

I mention this because it appears that long periods of exercise are not good for bones.

A few months ago, someone shared that she had no idea why she was still losing bone density. After all she worked out at the gym for 2-3 hours three or four times a week

Now, I am not ready to put a page on the web site about this but it could be that in her enthusiasm, she might be preventing her body from building extra bone. She might be exercising too much.

I am still researching this BUT I wanted to let you know about this. . . Excessive exercise could be a cause of bone loss.

4. SPECIAL FOR NON-USA READERS. Some of you have asked me about buying Advacal and other supplements outside the United States.. I found a reputable seller of supplements (including Advacal and Strontium) who also offers discounts AND ships world wide.

SEE: the Osteopenia products page for Doctors Choice. Their site is a bit garish but they are reputable. Be well.

And thank you for reading this.


P.S. Don’t forget to share your success story if you have one.