Four short topics this month:

1. Another cause of bone loss

2. Summertime warning

3. CompassionNet

4. Free bone building technique and call for your no cost/low cost ideas

1.Every so often I get an email from someone who says, I have done this and that for two years but my latest dexa scan shows I am still losing bone density. I usually write back and say, Well that is not so unusual. And it was just such an experience that started me researching this topic.

Then I suggest taking time to read ALL the possible CAUSES of Osteopenia - things that can accelerate the work of osteoclasts which remove old bone or slow the work of our osteoblasts, the cells that build new bone. Find all the ones that apply. For some of us, it is not until we address ALL the causes that we begin to see a real turn around in our bone building.

I am convinced that knowing our particular causes is so important that I keep researching and adding more pages to that section of the web site. This month you will find a new one - B12.

I never associated B12 with bone loss. I knew that few health care providers screen for B12 deficiency. And I knew some people diagnosed with chronic fatigue, late onset MS or senile dementia really had a B12 deficiency. A monthly shot (cost about $1.00) reversed all symptoms. But Osteoporosis?

Do check it out - its under the CAUSES TAB.

2. In summer many people think of dieting. They want to lose a few pounds. Please don't. If you want to lose some accumulated fat, add walking or dancing to your daily routine. You will burn more calories, build lean muscle and decrease fat cells by adding even 20 min of activity to your day.

Dieting and diet pills have become on of the biggest money makers in recent years. But please, remember that Yo-yo dieting (taking off pounds and putting them back on in a year or two) is one of the Causes of Osteoporosis.

3. New company on the Products page. As you know I only want to list companies I trust on the Products page. This month you will find the addition of Compassion Net, the sales division for the company that makes Advacal. If you use Advacal, you might want to give them a try.

I have used CompassionNet and been satisfied with ONE EXCEPTION: and I want you to know that I do not advocate their 'automatic delivery program'. They WILL try their best to get you to sign up for AUTOMATIC delivery.

Why don't I like it? Two reasons. First, I am not happy about leaving my credit card number on file for months with ANY online business. But more importantly, their automatic delivery comes every 20 days! I found that new supplies were arriving too fast. Bottles piled up. Still the packages came. I finally called to stop automatic delivery. Now I just place an order when I am ready and buying a few months worth at a time gives me free shipping.

Speaking of supplements. Remember that you can take all the calcium in the world - of any brand at all - but if you are not getting the right amounts of magnesium, vitamin D, boron etc. your body will not be building strong bones. You can get all these nutrients from food or in supplements. Just be sure that you will get ALL the necessary bone building ingredients or you are wasting money.

4. Finally, With the increase in gas prices and the rise in the cost of food, many of us are trying to economize so here is a tip. Consider dandelions.

I am very lucky. I do not use pesticides in my yard and my neighbor on the windward side does not do so either. So I harvest dandelion greens all summer long. They have a lovely taste in salads and on sandwiches. If you check them out, they are more nutritious than most lettuce.

Of course there is a secret to harvesting them. Once the plant flowers, the greens get bitter. BUT pull off the flowers and leaves while the flowers are in bloom or just the leaves afterwards the bloom is gone,[ Throw these away = they will taste bitter] The plant will grow new leaves....and these taste just fine until new flowers arrive - when you can strip those flowers and the leaves off again and start all over. I add dandelion leaves to salads and put them on sandwiches. Some people cook them up. of course the roots can be diced and sauteed. .

Chickory leaves (the blue flowered plants of July and August] also make good salad fixings. Just be careful not to harvest them from alongside a busy road or you will be eating lots of pollutants.

NOTE: If you have a no cost tip that will help those of us working at building strong bones, why not pass it along? I shall try to publicize these in future issues or even on the site. I know that many of you have ideas that could help the rest of us as we work at building strong bones.

And have fun.


P.S. Remember if you email me be sure that Osteopenia is someplace in the subject line. All other email is automatically deleted and I do not see it. (My way of dealing with spam email.)