Three quickies for July 2007

1. Another success story!! A big one at that…

2. Summer drink - safe for bones

3. 20 second back exercise you can do at home or at work.


A man from North Carolina wrote to say his latest dexa scan showed NORMAL bone density. What is remarkable is that he accomplished this even though he is tall and over age 70, two characteristics that are usually associated with low bone density.

I put his story on the Osteopenia Success page. Go to:

or for those with html programs:


Buy seltzer (soda water) It has NO caffeine and unlike soda will not upset your calcium/phosphorous balance. It even comes in flavors at the grocery store.

20 SECOND EXERCISE. Don’t go to a gym? Feel you have no time for a REAL exercise program? Do something and here is a starter.

You can do this any place indoors. It takes only a few seconds.

Stand about 15 inches from a solid wall. Put your hands on the wall about shoulder high. Now, keeping your back straight, lower your chest and face to the wall and then push back to your original position. Repeat. As you get stronger, move back to 18 inches from the wall.

Remember Osteopenia is a lifestyle condition for most of us. Small changes in eating [more salads], drinking [seltzer instead of soda] and exercise can make all the difference in the long run.

Kate You can reverse bone loss