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This month I offer three items: a. Is biking really a waste of time for those wanting to increase bone density? b. Scientific researchers review acupuncture as a treatment for Osteopenia and Osteoporosis. c. Should you do a 10 - 15 lb. weight loss diet?


In 2003 a study of study of professional cyclists showed that older professional cyclists were at greater risk of Osteoporosis than younger professionals and non-professional cyclists. This was followed by a study of athletes who engaged in long distance sports eg, Iron man, long distance biking etc. Researchers were surprised to find that ALL these athletes were at risk for bone loss but that the cyclists showed the greatest loss of bone density. These two studies have led to the conclusion that biking is NOT a good exercise for those with Osteopenia.

However, there are a some additional studies. Not all biking is the same. There is at least one study that shows that mountain biking is better for bones that regular biking. Maybe it is all the bumping that stresses our bones and so osteoblasts are triggered to create bone.

Also astronauts experience weightlessness and so loss of bone density is a major problem for those in space. A recent review of the revised exercise program of astronauts shows that resistance biking is now part of their space exercise program!

Many of you have access to resistance bikes either at a gym or at home. While the research is not complete, if biking is your pleasure, resistance biking seems to be a better choice than most other forms cycling.

SCIENTIFIC REVIEWS OF ACUPUNCTURE. Every since President Nixon visited China, acupuncture has been in the news - first as a anesthetic, then as a method for treating pain and now as a treatment for other medical conditions. Since 2002 there have been a several scientific studies reviewing the use of acupuncture in treating Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

A study from February 2006, concludes: " Acupuncture plus acupoint sticking of Migudan has definite therapeutic effect on primary osteoporosis" . And an earlier study indicated that acupuncture, like a number of well known prescription drugs, focuses on osteoclasts, the cells that remove old bone. This study,published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004, concluded " acupuncture decreases the number of myelogenic osteoclasts ".

Since many of you ask about non-prescription drug methods to treat Osteopenia, I shall ontinue to monitor this research and expect to put a page on the web site soon about acupuncture and Osteopenia.


Although there are many malnourished people in the world, obesity is fast becoming a global epidemic. In the United States, as much as 75% of the population is overweight - and the number of those considered medically obese, continues to increase each year. The rest of the developed world is not far behind in this obesity epidemic.

As a result, weight loss has become one of the most lucrative areas of marketing. Diet books dominate best seller lists and special supplements as well as diet foods have become multimillion dollar industries.

What many people do not realize is that each time they lose 10lbs through dieting, it is not all FAT that they lose. Lean muscle mass, water and bone are part of that weight loss. In fact, recent studies show that 1% of bone is lost in each 10 pounds lost through dieting.

Most dieters lose weight, only to gain it back. And the rebound weight gain is NOT bone, it is usually increased fat cells. Soon, another diet follows and again more bone is lost. If you are trying to increase your bone density, dieting can be your enemy.

This is important. Obesity is a problem. There is now a full article - one which offers some bone friendly ways to lose weight on the web site. If you want to read the full article, go to the Index page and look for Causes of Ostepenia: dieting

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