Two Research studies and a web site update.

Let me begin by sharing that I took much of July off from working on the web site. I just needed a bit of holiday. But I do have a few research studies to share.

1. What have the researchers found about the best way to prevent fractures?

It is NOT drugs and it is not herbs or supplements. It is not even 'weight bearing' or aerobic exercises.

Recent research studies are showing that Balance and Coordination exercises are the most effective way to prevent fractures!

This is phenomenal. Balance and co-ordination exercises take only a few minutes each day and they can be done at home or while waiting for a bus, for checking out in a store etc.

If you are not doing balance and coordination exercises each day, please start. If you want to review them go to

or if you get this newsletter in html form, go to balance and coordination exercises .

2. Slowly, I have grown to respect TCM (Tradtional Chinese Medicine) for its efficacy. I look for scientific research about TCM therapies and Osteoporosis.

This month I found two studies about TCM and Osteoporosis.

Study #1. Bugu Shengsui capsule (BGSSC). The study concluded: The effects of BGSSC on primary Osteoporosis included increasing patient's bone mineral density, depressing bone resorption and decreasing bone loss.

Study #2 Yigu capsule. The study concluded: YGC could treat PostMenoapusal Osteoporosis effectively, it ... increase the BMD of lumbar vertebrae and hip, elevate the alleviating rate of ostealgia and incessant motion time, without new compressive fracture of vertebrae, and without any related adverse reaction.

These studies are not yet on the Osteopenia web site. I do plan to add them to the TCM material already there. I do this because some of you who live in or near large cities, may have access to TCM practitioners. For the rest of us, it is just good to know that there are many ways to analyze and treat bone density problems.

On another note --

In response to reader queries, I have updated the material about whole body vibration machines on the web site.

For those who read the html version, go to: Whole body vibration

During September I shall be updating and revising about 2 dozen pages on the web site. I have found new material for some of the topics.


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