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As I read the research, it is clear that most Osteopenia treatments fail because PEOPLE STOP USING THEIR TREATMENT ….if it is medication, they stop taking it. Exercise - after a few months they skip a day, and then another and another. Soon they are not doing it at all.

The same is true for supplements, changes in eating habits etc. We, who have Osteopenia, are a major cause of the failure to reverse bone loss.

I HAVE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THIS A LOT. I analyzed my own tendencies toward non-compliance’ (that is what the medical community calls it when we stop doing what we should). I have thought about what is needed to stay with a program.

I think this topic is so important that I have added a page of 22 Things You Can Do to Help You Stick with Your Osteopenia Program. To read it, go to:

EXCITING OLD/NEW TREATMENT.. Last week I read about a Chinese medicine supplement with some remarkable claims – more than 15% increase in bone density in as little as 4 months! That really caught my attention.

The supplement is not widely used in English speaking countries. But if those results are true, I certainly want to know about it!

Over the last 7 years I have developed great respect of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). My sister introduced me to a practitioner, someone who left China during the Cultural Revolution. He had been quite famous in China but now lives quietly on Long Island where he has a small practice. In recent years I have seen more and more scientific studies from China translated into English. As you know I have passed along notice of some of these in this newsletter and there is now a small section about Traditional Chinese Medicine on the web site.

I am really working hard to follow up on this ‘new to me’ traditional Chinese herbal combination and will shre the results of this research in future editions of this newsletter.

Finally, I have added some pages to the site: All about ankle weights and weighted vests, how to use ankle weights and weighted vests for bone density exercises, a Summary of Natural Osteopenia treatments. In addition I answered about 10 questions submitted by newsletter readers. You can find them on the Osteopenia FAQ page.

SPECIAL NOTE: you have access to a special section of the web site.

It is password protected and the password is: strong-bones

Go to:

Type: strong-bones in the pop-up box.

Enjoy November! Next month I hope to have new research to report. Kate