Today's topic seems so important that I have kept this issue very short. Please read it. It will only take a minute or two.


Last month I was talking about soy. Then I came across a statement saying that those who use soy in their diet might need extra Boron.

Hmmm. I knew that boron is a trace mineral and that it is included in all the better calcium supplements. But really, I knew very little else about this mineral.

So, I decided to do some research. And I am really excited about what I found.

1. Boron makes our bones hard.

2. Also boron helps prevent the excretion of calcium in urine - a major source of loss of calcium for many people.

3. Low boron in the diet seems to be associated with developing arthritis AND with high boron intake (between 3 - 10mg per day) researchers found that the incidence of arthritis was less than 10%!

Now, we know that arthritis is associated with developing Osteoporosis. I am wondering if underlying both conditions is low boron. I do not know - just wondering.

5. Also Boron has been used successfully to alleviate the pain of arthritis - even osteoarthritis!

There is more. Too much for a newsletter.

You might want to read:

or for those who get the newsletter in html, here is a clickable link: Boron

And remember that if you are eating soy, you many need extra boron.

Item #2.

At the end of November the press carried a national report from the USA that stated that young people were NOT BUILDING SUFFICIENT BONE DENSITY. A combination of diet and lack of physical activity seem to be the cause. And the researchers said that unless the trend is revered, Osteoporosis will be increasing common in mid-life adults.

If you have any influence on ANY young people, please talk to them about eating fruits and vegetable and doing at least 90 minutes of physical labor, walking, running etc. every day. Labor saving devices and electronics for recreation need to be balanced with weight bearing activity.

Imagine. When you are 75- 80 years old, both your children and your grandchildren could be developing dowagers humps, breaking hips etc. because they did not build sufficient bone density during their adolescent or early adult years.

Maybe the gift of a lifetime for younger relatives would be a gym membership, hiking together on weekends, dance lessons, soccer team dues or some other gift that would entice your relative and their friends into 'weight bearing activity' while they can still build bone easily. (before age 32)

Be well. You are much in my thoughts.

Special Congratulations to those who have written to say that their dexa scans are improving. Such good news!

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