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WE ARE ENTERING A NEW SEASON – so a few hints …..and a review of the new whole body vibration machines. Do they really increase bone density???

READERS FROM AUSTRALIA are entering summer. Hint: It is important for everyone, even children , to have 15 – 20 minutes in the sun each day WITHOUT sun block. Your body can not make Vitamin D from the sun through sun block. Most experts say that 15-20 minutes without sun block should not cause skin cancer..

READERS IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE are entering winter and less sun. Be sure to take enough Vitamin D and be sure that you are taking Vitamin D3 –

IF YOUR FAMILIY has a history of Osteopenia/Osteoporosis or broken bones after age 35, you may have inherited the gene that makes for deficiency in Vitamin D. Also you may need greater supplementation with age. Our ability to handle Vitamin D declines with age so most experts suggest greater supplementation. And you may be helping more than your bones…..some new studies show that Vitamin D is also active in preventing certain cancers.

For more information about recommended Vitamin D dosages go to:


WHOLE BODY VIBRATION THERAPY AND REGAINING BONE. Several readers have asked about the new Vibration machines that claim to increase bone density. I have been researching this for the last few months.

Several of the companies list numerous scientific studies to support the use of the machines ( which are not cheap.) I have been reviewing each of those studies and find that almost all are animal studies eg. Mice, rats.

There are only a few studies wit human beings so far. One compared hip bone density in those using the machine to those doing resistance exercise for the same condition. It showed the machine to be superior.

However, when I read the details, the exercises chosen for those doing resistance exercises were not exercises I would do to increase hip bone density. I would have used side leg raises with weights since that is what the Tufts University used in their study. I promise to continue to monitor this topic since if the machine maker claims are verified, this would be a great help.

If you are considering buying a machine ask to see studies with human beings and not just animals. Also ask is there are studies about negative effects. There is one study reporting low back pain from the machines

There is more information about these machines on the web site on the Osteopenia FAQ page https://www.osteopenia3.com/Osteopenia-FAQ.html and at https://www.osteopenia3.com/Body-vibration-Osteoporosis.html

If you are using one, there is a form on the full topic page if you want to share your results with us. I am sure that other readers would be interested.

In closing, I am taking a few weeks off. YES! Come 2007, there will changes to the web site….so if you have a favorite page, do print it out now.

Peace and blessings to each of you. I look forward to greeting you in the New Year.


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