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Part I. Mystery solved. This month a reader may have figured out how people are suddenly 'unsubscribed' from this newsletter. Seems the reader forwarded an issue to a friend. When the friend got to the end of the issue, she saw the UNSUBSCRIBE link and clicked it. BINGO the original subscriber received an email telling her she was unsubscribed from the newsletter....and she had NOT done this herself.

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Part II. In the news again this month: STRONTIUM.

Most of you know about Strontium - either in is drug from, Protelos, which is available in the EU or in its natural form sold through out the rest of the world. I get more emails about Strontium than any other subject. Today we review a few highlights and give results of another research study.

1. Sometimes readers ask when the prescription drug form will become available in the United States.

I do not know. It appears that the drug is not in FDA approval process at this time. Why? I do not know. It could be that so many of the alternative medicine physicians are recommending the natural form, that it would not be sufficiently remunerative to go through the FDA process...but that is just my speculation.

For those using the natural form of strontium. Remember that all the early studies were done with natural strontium and not the synthetic form. The studies about drop in fractures during the first year of use that were published in the New England Journal of Medicine were done with the synthetic form - but drug companies have the money to do such comparative studies. Since natural supplements are not covered by exclusive patents, companies do not have the financial incentives for such studies.

2. Sometimes I get emails asking if Strontium will make for BETTER bone than calcium alone. Recently I found a study about the quality of bone produced with strontium supplementation.

The study was published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research. It was done on chickens...but that was because the researchers wanted to cut open the bones and examine the quality of the bone formed. (You can not do that to human beings!)

They found that strontium supplementation did NOT affect the Calcium or Phosphorous levels in bone. And they found that the Strontium "increased cortical and medulla bone volume, trabecular thickness, number, and surface, and improved whole bone ultimate load." All these are good things for those seeking stronger bone. I was especially impressed with the increase in trabecular thickness since the trabecular (spongy inner part of bone) is so important for preventing fractures. (Most Osteopenia and Osteoporosis is marked by decreased trabecular bone.)

3. Sometimes people ask if they should stop calcium if they are taking strontium. No, as the above study shows both minerals should be present in your bones. BUT do not take strontium and calcium at the same time. These minerals can interfere with each others absorption. Many suggest taking the strontium last thing at night with water...and taking your calcium with meals during the day.

Part IV Research savvy. Every so often someone sends along the url of a web site that is making a claim about what is good or not good for bone growth. I am always glad for the information but after reading several of these pages in the last few weeks, I suggest that you look for the SCIENTIFIC SOURCE quoted by the author.

Anyone can claim anything on the Internet. What you want to be sure if that there is scientific evidence and for each claim. Look for the specific study, its authors and the year of publication. Do not be satisfied with 'scientists say...' but no citation of which scientists, when and where.

Remember there is a magazine ad for a calcium supplement that says 'scientific studies show its effectiveness...' but when you look at the studies, that particular supplement was tested against 2 others and proved to be the least effective. Yes, there were studies but.....

NOTE: I am always glad for info about new studies...I just get concerned if folks are changing their health care habits based on claims that have little or no scientific foundation.

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Be well. Keep working on your balance so as to prevent falls. Next month, I hope to offer some new studies.....spent far too much time this month trying to code that poll!

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