It seems unbelievable that it is the middle of September! Where does the time go?

In the last few months I have realized that Osteopenia and Osteoporosis are the new money makers for the health care industry. So many articles and so many new supplements. I am even getting requests from manufacturers to list their new supplements on the web site.

I always ask: Do you have any scientific studies of your product? Amazing how few respond or when they do, they respond with a study about some 1 of the ingredients....nothing like the Advacal or AlgaeCal where there has been a effort to review the product as it is sold.

But I shall get these new supplements on the site. I promise. It just takes time to wade through papers...and make sure there are no negative studies that have been left out. I really want to provide the most accurate information I can. What you do with it is up to you.

My goal is to provide information - to offer a site where you feel you can get accurate information so you can make your own decisions - with the help of your health care provider.

2. September- October. I have always believed that 'transition months' are a good time to do a personal check up on lifestyle. This includes food (am I eating mostly vegetables, fruits and low fat dairy or have a slipped into sodas, baked goods and higly processed foods?). Am I getting enough exercise that involves pressure on my bones? What of my supplements? And stress reduction? and balance exercises each day?) The stress reduction is really important.

Many people loose bone because of all that 'emergency stress' cortisol coursing through their bodies. I have taken to singing - while walking, in the car and even at home. Someday I start with 'Happy Birthday" figuring that somewhere in the world someone is having a birthday and may not have anyone to sing to them.

Oh, well....we all have our quirks...

3.Last month I spoke of trampolines and several readers wrote to say they used 'rebounders' and not trampolines. Clarification: In the research 'rebounders' are called mine-trampolines. The studies show the same sort of injuries as with the regular trampolines - only the injuries are not as serious. They often do not require hospitalization. No, I am not saying do not use them - just trying to keep you informed of what the scientific research says.

4.New this month - A number of readers have asked about the Vibration therapy machines that are on the market. These are not cheap. The early studies were all on mice and other animals - one company listed over 20 studies on their web site. But when I checked them out, none were on human beings.

Well, that has changed. I spent much of the past month reading studies and typing up the abstracts. I have put them on the web site ....two whole pages of them. And the studies listed come from around the world - not just one country.

If you are interested, use the site Search box and type in Vibrational therapy...or better yet, use the Site Index. You will find the two pages listed in the V's. They make for rather dry reading but I wanted to give you 'just the facts' and not add any personal commentary.

Be happy. It costs nothing to sing or offer someone a smile. In tough economic times, such things can make a real difference in someone's day and both reduce you own stress which is good for your bones and overall health.