This month we go technical again. Two items - neither of which is on the web site yet - though they will get there. I promise.

1. New Osteoporosis drug

2. Vitamin K2

New Osteoporosis drug. The FDA has approved a new drug: Prolia (clinical name Denosumab) which is manufactured by Amgen Pharmeceuticals. Prolia ( Denosumab) is taken by injection twice a year. The drug has been in the news but I am not sure that all aspects were covered.

Clinical tests showed that women taking the drug had increased bone density, stronger bones, and a reduced risk for fractures after three years of treatments.

Few of the articles I saw spoke of the possible side effects which include back and extremity pain, high cholesterol, and bladder infection, low blood calcium and skin reactions. Since the cells targeted by Prolia play a role in immunity, the drug "has the potential to affect multiple layers of the immune system," according to the FDA. Also because it blocks the work of osteoclasts some have warned that users could suffer from Osteonecrosis of the jaw...just as with Fosamax and the other bisphosphonates.

As you know, Prolia is not the first Osteoporosis drug that is not in pill form. Currently Reclast and Boniva (both bisphosophonates) can be delivered by infusion in a doctor's office. Forteo comes in a self injection format. What is different about this drug is that it is the first biologic drug for Osteoporosis. (NOTE: Patients taking other biologic drugs, eg. for Rheumatoid arthritis, may have interactions.) What is also different is that this drug will be sold directly to doctors. So it can be delivered by a physician 'almost like a flu shot' in the office.

When Prolia (brand name for Denosumab) first went to FDA trials, I put a page on the site giving some of its clinical results. It you want to read that, you will find it at

NATURAL TREATMENT - K2. Strengthen your bones and clear your arteries at the same time with Vitamin K2.

For some time I have been reading about Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2's job is to put calcium in the right places (your bones) and keep it from being deposited in the wrong places (as in calcification of blood vessels and soft tissues or creating bone spurs)

K2 may have a role for those wanting to prevent or treat Osteopenia and Osteoporosis as well as those wanting to prevent or treat cardiolo issues. (Dr. Steven Sinatra writes about K2 in his recent book about molecular cardiology called "The Sinatra Solution")

Some months ago I was contacted by the company that makes BONE STRENGTH, a natural supplement for building stronger bones. As always when contacted by a company, I asked them if there were scientific studies about their product. They sent me a host of studies about Vitamin K2, one of the ingredients in their product but nothing about the product as such.

Their strongest claim was that their product is the only one on the market that contains the same amount of K2 that was used in the studies showing its effectiveness. (Several other products contain K2 but not in the same amount.)

NOTE: If you are taking Coumadin or any other blood thinner you might want to consult your health care provider before using product with K2 since it can interact with Coumadin..

Both K2 as a supplement and Bone Strength are available at Vitacost. (Bone Strength at 40% off the regular retail price.) DISCLOSURE: If you use the link from the web site to Vitacost I do receive a small per cent of the sale - one of the ways I earn some income from the site - but that income is not the main reason why I am telling you K2. I just want you to know.

I plan to add pages to the site about Prolia, Vitamin K2 and Bone Strength in the future...but wanted to be sure to give you a 'heads up' about these now.

Thanks for reading. Be well, be happy - laugh for 5 minutes every day. We have only one life to live and 'knocking some joy out of it' is a choice only you and I can make - others can not do this for us.