First welcome to all the new readers who joined us since last Spring. Second, if your copy comes with NO SPACING, just scroll down to the end and click on the link for back issues and you will find this month's issue just as I sent it out - with lines skipped between paragraphs etc.

This month I report new pharmaceutical developments:

1. Minodronate, a bisphosphonate from Japan, has been in the scientific journals and some studies note that it may block some cancers. I put a page on the web site about this drug. (Medications page) None of the studies I have read have said anything about osteonecrosis which is associated with some other bisphosphonates eg. Fosamax. Maybe the drug is too new for cases to show up or maybe this bisphosphonate will have no such association. If I find anything, I shall add it to the site.

2. Some new SERM (Selective estrogen receptor modulators)(SERMs) or estrogen agonists/antagonists have shown promise in osteoporosis. They they have the potential to reduce the risk of fracture AND the risk of breast cancer. The new SERMs under study are: arzoxifene, bazedoxifene, and lasofoxifene. (July 2010)

Two SERMS Evista and bazedoxifene are on the web site. I shall be putting information on the site about the others even before they get FDA approval. (As I did for denosumab (Prolia) - so you can know what may be 'coming down the pike'. If you live outside the USA, you may find that one of these drugs HAS been approved in your country - often under a different name so checking the scientific name helps. If you find that a drug does have approval, I would be glad to know...and would list it as such on the site....just as I did with Strontium Ranelate.

3. MEN. Journals seem to be emphasizing Osteoporosis in men this year. Note, I said Osteoporosis and NOT Osteopenia. Why? There is no regular medical screening for bone loss around the time that men's sex hormones begin to decrease. As a result most men are not diagnosed until they have reached Osteoporosis stage or have suffered a major fracture. It may be the move away from hard physical labor jobs OR changes in nutrition but the articles are saying that the number of men with Osteoporosis is growing. Most articles suggest screening.

If you are or know a man age 50+, do think of suggesting that he get a 'base line' bone density test. AND anyone, either a man or woman, who suffers a fracture after age 32 should consider a bone density test - their orthopedist many NOT think to prescribe this.

4. Good news. Those who have bone loss because of celiac disease usually regain bone once they are diagnosed and follow the recommended diet!

Finally thought. It is Fall is here. My friend in Texas is saying that they have been able to turn off the air conditioning some days and my friend in Wisconsin is reporting that it is getting dark earlier. Keeps me aware that not everyone reading this is experiencing the same sort of weather. Our readers in Argentina , Australia and South Africa are moving to summer!

But a change of season is a good time to review nutrition, exercise and your stress reduction habits. Remember you will make more progress if you address reversing bone loss as a 'whole body - whole lifestyle' issue. A pill or a supplement could use all the help you can provide.

Be well. Keep chugging along. Remember the children's story the 'Little Engine' I think I can...I think I can.. gets over the mountain even when others can not. Good health to you.