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One of the things I love about the Internet is that it makes it so easy to find the research studies done in universities and research labs around the world.

Last summer you read about Dr. Fujita of Japan whose special form of calcium produces remarkable bone density results even in those over age 80.

Last month it was a Traditional Chinese Medicine herb that recent scienfitic studies have confirmed is effective in treating bone loss.

This month we go to New Zealand where researchers at the University in Auckland have been studying LACTOFERRIN.

What is lactoferrin? "Lactoferrin is a glycoprotein (protein containing carbohydrates). It's made by many tissues of your body, especially your exocrine glands. . . it's found in tears, saliva, bile, pancreas, vaginal secretions, seminal fluid, and milk. A woman's breast is an exocrine gland so breast milk is loaded with lactoferrin."

The June 2004 issue of Biometals contains an article by J. Cornish, "Lactoferring promotes bone growth" which says in part:

"In vitro, lactoferrin stimulates the proliferation of bone forming cells . . . Lactoferrin is also a potent osteoblast survival factor."

Another study in the journal Endocrinology by Cornish and some 17 other researchers concludes: " Lactoferrin is a potential therapeutic target in bone disorders such as osteoporosis and is possibly an important physiological regulator of bone growth."

And where can you get this lactoferrin?

There are a number of lactoferin products on the market. Vitacost, the company owned by physicians and listed on the Osteopenia3 Products page offers several brands. Be sure to look for sources from grass fed cows.

Another common source is Whey protein. Again, look for grass fed cows to lessen any risk of mad cow disease which seems to be spread by cattle feeds containing infected meat.

If you want additional studies about lactoferrin, I shall be adding a page with more research to the web site soon. As always I want newsletter readers to get a preview of new studies.

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