This morning I sent out the December newsletter with an incorrect subject heading. Here is a repeat of the December post in case you deleted it because of the wrong heading.

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Most are busy this at this time of year so I thought that you might appreciate a shorter newsletter this month.

CONTENTS: 1. Answering your questions 2. Useful information 3. Gifts ideas

1. Answers to your Questions:

A. Several people asked how they can tell if their supplement has Vitamin D3 since the label does not list Vitamin D3.

Answer: Look for cholecalciferal . This is the name for Vitamin D3. If this is not listed either, call the manufacturer.

B. Some asked if you should tell the Dexa scan technician that you are taking Strontium.

Yes, you should. A recnet study of the dexa scans of persons taking strontium ranelate indicates that there are differences.

I promise to put a page about 'Strontium and Dexa scans' on the Osteopenia3 site by December 15.

(After December 15, you will find it on the Site Index page as: Strontium and dexa scans) You can print the page and bring it to your next Dexa scan. Just give it to the echnician and ask if s/he will pass it along to the person reading your Dexa scan if you are taking strontium as part of your bone building program.

2, Useful information: Calcium - as you know calcium is hard to absorb.

A. The makers of Stonyfield farms, includes inulin in their yogurt. Inulin makes calcium more absorbable.

B. You know that taking calcium with food improves its absorption - BUT some foods will interfere with calcium's absorption! Do not take you calcium with these foods:

Oxalates (such as spinach, sweet potatoes and beans)

Phytates (such as whole wheat bran, beans, nuts and soy isolates)

C. Someone wrote that after a year on prescription medication, her dexa scan showed no difference whatsoever. My response? That medication IS working.

Men and women usually lose bone at 1% a year and post menopausal women lose bone at 5% a year for about 5 years when they return to the 1% a year loss. So if the numbers in a dexa scan are the same two years in a row, it means that you have not lost as much bone as expected.

Remember it takes time to rebuild bone and the older we are, the slower our bones rebuild. But if you use a multi-pronged Osteopenia treatment program (as shown on you will be able to build new bone. If people in their 90's build new bone, you can too.

D. If you have thought about joining a gym, now is the time to do it!

Gyms are less crowded in December. You can get more personal attention from staff AND you may be able to pick up someone's unexpired membership at a discount. Remember most people join gyms in January and about half stop going after three months.


If you have children who are wondering 'what gift to get you', why not suggest a membership at a gym - even for a month or two..or some weights or bands for strength training at home...or a few bottles of your supplement.

All these are 'gifts of health'. They can help you reverse your bone loss. And unless you suggest them, others will never know you might like such a gift.

THE NEXT NEWSLETTER will come in 2006 and it will incude two new studies about treatments.

Meantime, be well and do choose to be happy.

Thanks for reading, Kate