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Two recent studies

1. Herb used in China passes scientific review.

Those interested in alternatives to prescription drugs will want to check out Herba epidedii.

Herba epidedii (HEP) is a frequently prescribed herb for the treatment of Osteoporosis in China. The September 2005 issue of Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine published a study of HEP that concludes: "The present study provides the evidence that HEP can be considered as a complementary and alternative medicine for treatment of post-menopausal osteoporosis."

Want more details? Go to:

2. Here is new study about preventing Fractures. This one was published in September 2005. It concluded that the most significant risks for new fractures are:

Hip Fracture: The inability to rise from a chair without the use of arms.

Vertebral fracture: Low body weight - Current smoking - Age between 75–79 years

Wrist fractures: Low body weight = Prior fracture after age 50

Rib fractures: Maternal history of a hip fracture - Prior fracture after age 50

What can you do if you have one of these risk factors? Stop smoking and get help with increasing low body weight if you have those risks.

Take fall prevention actions. Clear your house of scatter rugs, clutter and footstools on the floor. Add night lights everywhere including the bathroom and put hand holds and rails in your bathroom and hallways.

Get your eyes checked regularly and wear your glasses. Do balance and coordination exercises every day. (See for a review of these.) Do not curl your spine by bending forward if your vertebrae are thin.

Now please don't 'hem and haw' or put these things off. As the commercial says, Just Do It!

November tip:

Last of all is this timely tip for those living in the Northern Hemisphere. Be sure you are taking a Vitamin D supplement AND that the vitamin D you are taking is D3 and not just D2.

It is dark earlier and you dress more warmly so you skin is not so exposed to the sun. Vitamin D3 is essential for building your bones!

Be well. Until next month...take your vitamin D3, do your balance exercises and weight bearing exercises. I KNOW you are busy but these things are important.

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