Mind Experiments about Evolution and Osteoporosis

by Fred Lander
(Rosedale, Md. USA)

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For many millions of years we carried around a weight that predictably gained a few ounces every day. This happened about 10-15 times for women and more than likely the entire clan shared the burden somewhat, but the mother the most. Perhaps adding a few ounces per day is our optimum protocol for utilizing weight bearing to help bone remodeling? Perhaps carry a bucket up and down the driveway and each day add a few ounces of dirt to the bucket?

We are the only mammal to get OS and it is considered a " contemporary " evolutionary development. Pilot whales and killer whales also have menopause so we can speculate a little bit about this. Mothers and grandmothers are essential components of the community for perhaps 10-12 years after giving birth, with the 3 menopause mammals.

Perhaps the sunshine is indispensable for the hominid? Recent Korean study showed better OS for those who spent over 5 hours outside in the sun each day.

Our microbiome is very different from the ones of hunter gatherers, and even though separated by thousands of miles many of these groups are similar to each other, and very different from us. We are way off track in our microbiome and this may be a key factor. Recent meta-analyses with certain probiotic strains showed improvement for OS.

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