My experience with Zometa

I got a standard dose of Zometa in 9/2017. The flu-like symptoms where fairly severe and lasted about 5 days.

I just had my annual bone density test in 3/2018 and it showed an improvement in bone density. My understanding was that Zometa could halt further bone loss, but I didn't think it could actually improve the density.
At the same time, I started a daily 4 mile walk.
So I'm wondering if both the drug and the exercise were effective or just one or the other.
Now I have to decide if a second dose of Zometa this September is a good idea or not. My doctor is saying yes.

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Apr 12, 2018
My experience with Zometa
by: Anonymous

Forgot to mention, besides the exercise and Zometa, I also started taking supplemental vitamin D (2,000 units a day got me up into range) and dietary Calcium.

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