Contaminated products from China have been in the news. How does this affect us?

1. Avoid cheap jewelry or children’s small toys made in China. Many contain lead. .Children put things in their mouths. Some children have died; others have lost IQ.

2.What about our Osteopenia supplements?

A few of you have asked about Advacal since it is made from oyster shell. I contacted the makers of Advacal. They explained there is an established: Scientific Discernable Contamination Level for calcium supplements. Tests show that Advacal tests well BELOW that level. The representative promised to send me copies of these scientific reports. As soon as I get them, I shall add the info to the web site.

ALGAECAL – this is the new supplement I wrote about last month. Their director of marketing was most willing to answer a variety of questions. No China materials in AlgaeCal. The algae source is Latin America. The manufacturer is a well respected Canadian firm.

STRONTIUM. I asked about the strontium sold by the AlgaeCal company. He assured me that it is made in Canada also.

Doctor’s Best Strontium. It took awhile but I got a call back from their department head.

We had a long conversation about supplements and safety. She said that Doctor’s Best Strontium is made in the United States. (She also explained that some of their other supplements are made in China. She said, for example, that there is no longer any USA manufacturer of VitaminC. All have moved to China.) But their strontium is made in the USA.

I raised the issue of strontium affecting dexa scan results. She offered to ask their scientists to study the question – if one needs to make some allowance in reading the results since strontium is denser than calcium. And if that is the case, exactly what sort of allowance should be made. It may take some time but I do expect a response. Again, I will post this information on the web site when I get it.

I have not obtained information from other manufacturers or any of the ‘house brands’ of these two supplements.

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or for those reading web based issues just click on : Osteopenia prducts Other notes:

I have been doing a lot of reading this Spring and hope to add a number of new pages to the web site over the summer. I grow more and more convinced that the state of our bones is very much under our control. Osteopenia is NOT like the flu or pneumonia. Lifestyle has a big influence and over the long term there are practical things we can do. To me, that is really GOOD NEWS.

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